Shopper's Voice Survey & Chance to Win $1500

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Shopper's Voice - Win $1500

⭐Shopper's Voice is a leading research company in Canada and has been for the last 30 years. You may remember the envelopes coming to your home in the mail. In the last few years they stopped mailing out the surveys and made it a super easy online survey.

Benefits of Doing the Shopper's Voice Survey

Doing the one time Shopper's Voice survey has some great benefits. You will get free product coupon offers emailed to you all throughout the year. This coupon offers will be based on how you answer your survey questions. Make sure your answers are honest and you will get better offers.

You will also get entered in to win $1500! Each month of the year someone wins themselves a $1500 Pre-Paid Gift Card for completing the survey!

Email Offers from Shopper's Voice

Once you are all done with your one time survey, watch for specialised emails. Emails from Shopper's Voice will be for high value savings coupons, free product samples and other offers that have matched you with. Make sure to add them as a contact so you don't miss emails in your junk folder.

You will get everything from random free samples of different products. Each person will get different samples, different coupons and product offers. All based on how you answered each question.

Note : Your survey must be completed in FULL to reap any benefits.

Wishing You Good Luck!