How to Enter Instagram Giveaways

Instagram Giveaways

Instagram seems to be one of the last spots people who love winning prizes make an account. In actuality it should be one of the first!

Instagram is a mobile app that can be used even without your cell phone being active. As long as you have internet access you can make an Instagram account.

The more you enter on Instagram the better your odds of winning a prize. So let's get you started in entering fun giveaways on IG.

7 Tips for Newbies Entering Instagram Giveaways


1. Take Pictures (Of everything)

One thing I have learned is that pictures can win you many prizes. When you go out for a family meal take a picture of your meal, take pictures of the Mars bar you had for snack, snap photos of odd things you see.

I took a picture of one of my sons in front of a gorgeous ice wall in Washago, Ont years ago. A contest popped up saying post a picture of mother nature and a loved one. That picture from a few years before won me $700 in Tim Horton's gifts card.

2. Follow the Right People

Following the right accounts on Instagram is a great way to find contests and giveaways easily. Following a ton of contest lovers is not the right way to go about it. I am not saying follow none, but be picky about the ones you follow.  You then fill your feed with their posts and not giveaway posts. Pick a hand full of friends and family to tag in your giveaway entries. If you are tagging only contesters you may win much less.  Brands and your local small businesses are the best to follow to fill your feed with giveaways. 

Mommy bloggers and large brands are always giving away prizes on their Instagram account so take advantage of this pool of prizes by following as many of your local bloggers as possible.

💡How to get Instagram to show you more giveaways in your feed.

3. Make Your Account Prize Worthy

Make sure your account is filled out, and you have posted pictures that are genuine and bright. Add a short bio so that contest holders who check you out can see a bit about you. It doesn't hurt to add an emoji or two to your bio as well. 

Post pictures weekly even though I do suggest daily. Post everyday moments, having your favourite coffee in the morning? Snap an eye catching picture and tag it on Instagram to the brand you are drinking. Interacting with brands is great for being noticed when contests and giveaways do happen.

4. Read ALL the Instructions 

Instagram giveaways each have their own criteria they ask for in their contest or giveaway. Read each Instagram contest you enter twice. Make sure all the tags and hash tags they ask for are on your post to make your entries valid.

Make sure your photo is what they are asking for in the contest post. This is where having pictures on your phone of different products and moments can come in very helpful when entering Instagram contests.

When in doubt about the rules send them a message and ask. Don't just assume it's not open to you until you have asked. You could miss out on a great prize. 

5. How to Tag on Instagram the Right Way

Contests on Instagram always ask for you to tag their account so they can see your photo entry.

Once you have uploaded your photo and added whatever filter you have chosen to make your Instagram post stand out as a contest entry, click on "Tag People" . Start typing the name of the Instagram account that is having the contest and choose it from the drop down list that pops up. It's really that simple.

Forgetting to tag the contest account makes your entry not visible to them and you have in fact not entered.

6. How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Contests

Hashtags are a must when entering contests on Instagram. It makes your entry seen and can help contest holders pick their winners.

Write your caption for your picture and at the end of that you will put your Hashtags that the contest has asked for.

Example contest caption

So excited to enter the giveaway hosted by @blahblah to win a scarf  #Win #BlahBlahBrand

7. Learn from Winners 

You can learn a lot from others about what entries work and how to get noticed in your Instagram contest entries.

Check out winners of Instagram contests and see what they did right and how you could do something like that in the next contest you enter on Instagram. Look at the way they take their pictures, and what kind of energy their captions have. Learning from others is a great way to increase your odds of winning prizes. 

Have fun on Instagram  look around and feel it out. 

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