5 Things You Better Be Ready to Put Up With When Contesting

As a contest lover for over 10+ years there are many blessings and annoyances that come with entering contests and winning tons of prizes! If you want to win prizes and lots of them, then there are some things you are just going to have to accept and not get upset about.

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Winning prizes and learning the ins and outs of contesting as a hobby isn't going to happen overnight. This is a hobby that takes time, patience and daily persistence.

This month alone I have won over 33 instant prizes and 4 prize packs from contests. That came with daily effort, entering as often as each contest allowed and a minimum of 3+ hours a day of entering and following up on entries, winner's announcements and checking emails for wins.

5 Things that Come With Entering Contests

5 Things to be ready for when entering contests online

1. Losing 

There is nothing worse than a sore loser. You are going to have to just accept that you can't win them all, and genuinely be happy for others when they win.

Don't get down on yourself and give up because you lose a few contests in a row, think positive , think about winning that prize you want so much and make sure you are getting the maximum entries allowed in.

2. Spam 

With entering contest comes spam. This is why I always recommend a separate email for all your contest entries and free stuff sign ups. Spam is inevitable and there is very little you can ever do to keep it out of your email inbox.

No matter how hard you try to enter only legitimate contests a few spam and scam ones will always trick you into gaining your entry (information).  So learning which emails are fake and which are legit is a great way to avoid being duped. How to make a contest email with Gmail

3. Time Spent

If you really want to start winning some serious prizes you are going to have to put time into the hobby. Entering a contest here and there as you come across them will not win you a ton of prizes and may not win you any.

Setting aside even one hour a day to start is a great way to start diving into contesting and winning prizes. If a contest runs for 300 days and you are allowed to enter every day - taking the time to do that daily entry can pay off in a prize. Many people enter once or maybe even a couple times and then get upset they don't win. With reward comes effort. Put the effort into entering the right contests and in time you will see that winning can and does happen.

4. Notifications Galore 

If you can't handle notifications from your social media platforms and a million emails then contesting is probably not the hobby for you. Notifications to someone who loves contesting can lead to the next great contest or giveaway, or can lead you to a notice that you have actually won a prize.

Part of contesting now more than ever is done on social media across all platforms. Instagram and Facebook being 2 of the most popular platforms. With that comes thousands of notifications on any given day.

5. Haters

With everything comes some haters and contesting brings some of the nastiest haters out there. Not everyone is a happy down to earth honest and nice person. So be ready when you start winning prize after prize to take some flack. Some of the biggest contester's in Canada and the United States have been called greedy, lazy, cheaters and many other things.

Not everyone likes to see others win and in contesting you will come across that quite often. Jealousy is a nasty color on anyone. Remember to ignore the haters and to keep thinking about winning your next prize!!

Good luck in everything you enter! 🍀

Wishing You Good Luck!