Guide to Entering Contests Using Mail In Entry

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Guide to Mail-in Entries in Contests

Contest Mail-in Entry Guide

Entering contests using the mail in no purchase needed entry option is very much worth it.  

Many high value prizes have been won using the mail in entry option.  

How Mail in Entry Works

Contests in Canada have to by law offer a no purchase entry option in their contests. Many contests offer a mail-in entry option. 

In the contests rules and regulations the mail-in entry option will be explained in detail. From that information you get the mailing address to mail your entry to and what is expected of you. 

You may even come across contests that only allow mail-in entries. Usually large car dealerships offer those types of contests. 

With a mail-in entry you are just mailing away for a chance to win a prize being offered in the contest. 

Each contest with a mail-in entry option will have a different way of running their contest, so read the rules a few times to make sure you have everything they are asking for before mailing off your entry. 

Types of Mail-in Entries 


Some contests will ask that you mail in a postcard for your entry. Postcards never go into envelopes. Your entry won't get looked at if you put the postcard into the envelope.  These aren't often asked for, but I have come across quite a few great contests that only will accept postcard entries. It saves them time when they don't have to open all the envelopes. 

Index Card 

Contests have sometimes asked that entries be sent in on index cards. This makes it easier on their end to organise contest entries. Make sure to use index cards that are 3 x 5. These do get put into an envelope with whatever information the contest is asking for.  

Handwritten Essay on Paper

Oftentimes contests will ask for an essay about their product or why you want to enter their contest. All you need for this is a blank piece of paper and include all the information they are asking for.  When they say handwritten they mean it. Don't type it and print it out, your entry may be disqualified. An essay entry will always provide you with how many words have to be in that essay. Make sure to hit the amount of words or surpass it. 


S.A.S.E stands for a self addressed stamped envelope. You will come across this option in so many contests you enter. It's fairly simple to do, but it's also something many people make simple mistakes with and don't end up getting an entry into the contest. 

Always use #10 envelopes. This is the best size for contest entries. If you are serious about your contest hobby there are some supplies to have on hand. See my suggestions of contest supplies. I personally use the bright coloured envelopes you will find on my contest supplies list. It makes your envelope stand out among others. 

How to send a S.A.S.E 

  • You need 2 envelopes and 2 stamps
  • Fill out the mailing information on the first envelope of the contest address you are sending it to. Affix your stamp. 
  • Take your second envelope and affix the stamp at the top right and put your mailing address in the correct spot. DO NOT seal the second envelope. 
  • Put your essay or whatever other information into the first envelope that the contest has asked for and put your self addressed stamped envelope in as well. 


When you are doing mail-in entries for contests, stamp costs can add up. It's smart to buy a packet of stamps versus buying one stamp at a time. You save money this way and make your hobby a little cheaper. 


Many contest lovers have won amazing prizes by doing the mail-in entry. I have heard so many long time winners say that decorating your envelope is a great way to draw positive attention to your envelope and entry. Stickers are a great way to add a little splash to your entry. 

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Wishing You Good Luck!