Simple Contest Mail in Entry Mistakes that Could Cost You a Chance to Win

Mail in entries for contests are a great way to enter a contest that requires a purchase. People have won some very large prizes using the mail in entry option, and the option is worth checking out.  

In Canada a contest is required by law to include a no purchase entry option to any contest that asks for a purchase. Utilising that option can sometimes really pay off. 

No Purchase Entry Mistakes.

Newbie Mail In Entry Mistakes

If you are going to put the money out on stamps and envelopes you want to make sure that your entry gets counted. There are a few newbie mistakes to avoid to ensure you get entered. 

1) Too many entries in one envelope

All contests ask that when you do a mail in entry you only put one entry into the envelope. Adding more entries into the envelope will automatically disqualify you. Each entry needs to be mailed separately.  

2) Hand Printed VS Typed 

When they say hand printed and you type it, your entry doesn't count. They specifically ask for entries to be hand written. 

Mail in Entry Form Printed

3)  Leaving Out the SASE

Leaving out the return envelope with a postage paid can cost you an entry. Sponsors are not going to put out money to send you back your pin code to enter. Make sure you always include an empty envelope with your address already written on it and the postage already affixed on it. 

4) Waiting too Long

No purchase entry options have time limits. If you wait too close to the deadline of the end of the contest, you could lose out. Mail can take awhile, so don't count on it making there in just a few days. If they receive it too late you just won't be entered. 

5) Not Following Entry Limits

Sending more entries than are allowed per the rules of the contest can get you disqualified from winning. Many no purchase needed entry options allow only a set number of NPN entries. If you send more than is allowed according to the rules, you could lose out on winning. 

Using the no purchase needed entry option is a great way to enter a contest that you won't be making a purchase for. Just make sure to read the rules in full and even read them twice. 

Good luck in everything you enter, and don't be hesitant to try out the no purchase needed entry options. 


Wishing You Good Luck!