How to Win Online Contests and Giveaways

 How to Win Online Contests

If you are eager to know everything there is to know about contests and winning prizes this guide is for you. Here you will find absolutely everything you need to get started winning prizes more often when entering online contests.

I have been a super lucky contest lover for about 15 years now, and win prizes every single month online. I share my wins for transparency , and to help others learn how to win too. The tips shared here on www.Contestlibrary.ca have helped many people win large prizes and given newbies insight into winning. 

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📌  Questions answered about entering contests

What is an Online contest?

A contest is an event people enter into with the hopes of being declared a winner. Online contests come in all different types which I will explain further down. Some are entry form contests, others purchase to win contests. 

Are contests safe to enter?

Yes they are. Of course there will always be scam contests, but you will learn in no time how to spot a fake and steer clear. Read the post how to avoid contest scams and fakes

Does entering contests in Canada cost money?

That all depends on which contests you are entering and what you want to win. Purchase needed contests often have high value prizes making them very worth a entry. I have won many large ticket items entering purchase contests such as receipt contests, UPC contests, and pin code contests. Does entering contests cost money?

What information do I divulge when entering a contest?

When it comes to entering online contests if you are uncomfortable sharing your basic information this isn't the hobby for you. If you come across and entry form asking too much, then just don't enter and find the next exciting contest. 

> Full legal name

> Full mailing address

> Email address

> A legitimate phone number

> Your birth-date

> Photos if you are entering a photo contest

>Social Media handles such as your public name on Instagram, or Facebook.

> Drivers Licence if you win a large cash prize or high value prize. ( You can obscure any information you want to hide)

The one thing you never give out is your credit card or banking information.

Do I use my personal email for contests?

Many people do, I personally don't recommend it. I strongly suggest making a contest email. Make an email that is eye catching and short. You are going to have to enter it into contest entry forms many times. Check out my simple method of having Google fill in my information faster.  

I use Gmail for all my contests. It's the easiest one to manage. Having a separate email for all your contest entries is a great way to never miss out on a prize winning email. It also keeps the thousands of emails you get from entering contests out of your main personal email account. 

How much time do I have to spend entering?

You can spend anywhere from a couple of minutes in the morning and night, or hours each day. Contest lovers like myself spend anywhere from 6-12 hours a day entering contests, and giveaways. 

Obviously you will win more with the more you enter. You make the contest hobby your own and find what fits your family life. 

There are contests such as daily entry contests that take a few seconds each morning to enter. Getting that daily entry in could win you an amazing prize. 

Single entry contests are the quickest ones to enter if you are pressed for time. One single entry and that's it. Watch your emails when it ends to see if you are a winner. 

What are the fastest contests to enter?

Instant win contests are by far the fastest contests to enter. You get to enter and instantly know if you are a winner or not. It's instant gratification which is a ton of fun. Make sure to read my top tips to entering instant win contests. My tips have helped a ton of people score their first prizes with instant win contests. 

What are the hardest contests to win?

First you have to know that it only takes one entry to win. You can't win if you don't enter. But of course I have found that there are some harder to win contests, that I may skip if the prize isn't something I really really want. These are based on my own personal experience. Everyone has their own thoughts on which contests are harder to win. 

Contests slightly harder to win are :

>Instant wins with only a handful of prizes to be won. 

> Large brand social media contests such as tag to win. 

>Contests open to the United States as well as Canada

>International contests

Top Contest Tips 

1. Stick with it

When you first start entering contests you probably won't win right away. Don't let that stop you from continuing to enter! Trust me on this. Stick with it. The more contests you enter, the more often you get your daily entry in, you will start winning. When you when your very first prize you will see a snowball effect of winning if you keep entering! 

2. Learn to search for contests

Learning to find your own contests to enter increases your odds of winning. Don't count on contest aggregate websites to fuel your contesting. Contests posted there are often swamped with entries lowering your chances of winning. Learning to search Google the right way to find contests is the best gift you can give yourself. 

3. Have a prize bucket list 

This is a must if you want to really win some of your dream prizes. A prize bucket list is personal to you. What do you want to win? What big item would help your family out but it costs a small fortune? Make a list of at least 10 things you would love to win, and focus on finding contests with those items as prizes. Write the list down on a notepad or somewhere visible and everyday do a search for any giveaways or contests with your items. 

4. Find local businesses on social media

Local giveaways and contests are the easiest to win and can save you a nice amount of money. Find your local real estate agents, restaurants, malls, and businesses in the malls. Even your local physio therapists offices and dentists often have fun giveaways. Your local newspaper and radio stations will have contests to enter. These tend to be easier to win, since generally it's only locals entering. Remember these prizes need to be picked up. 

5. Keep a positive mindset

Being a negative person will hinder you in the hobby of contests. Keep a positive attitude. Don't be jealous when someone else wins something you wanted. Congratulate other winners and try to be genuinely happy for them. Bring all the positive energy and karma your way. 

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Happy contesting! Have a look around the Contest Library for tips, contests and more. 

Wishing You Good Luck!