Shopping List for Contest Lovers -Buy to Win List at Canadian Retailers

Buy to Win Prizes Online

There are buy to win contests everywhere! You buy a product you already use and gain yourself a chance at winning a prize. You can win prizes from a special contest code on the packaging, a UPC code or by uploading the receipt of your purchase. 

I have won amazing prizes, like an Oculus, 65 Samsung TV valued at $6700,  grocery gift cards, NFL gift cards, gas cards and more. It's totally worth entering purchase needed contests even for someone new to contests. There are generally great odds of winning spectacular prizes with receipt promotions, UPC contests and pin code contests. 

NOTE : Make sure to have a photo folder on your cell already named and ready. I named mine " Winning Shots". This is where you are going to save all your pictures of contest receipts, pin codes, screenshots of instant wins and UPC codes. This is a very important step to staying organised and having photo proof should you run into any issues claiming a prize. 

If you are brand new to entering purchase needed contests read the following guides below before entering them. They will give you the hand up to actually winning prizes in these types of contests.

Types of Purchase Needed Contests

The contest shopping list has the store, the products needed, the end date of the contest and the prizes to be won. The prizes column has a clickable link that will take you either to a detailed post about the contest here on the Contest Library or directly to the contest page. 

Understanding the Contest Shopping List

The contest table gives you the store products that must be purchased at, the products that are needed, end date and prizes to be won. It also tells you what type of contest it is. The products is a clickable link that will either bring you to a blog post with more details about the contest or directly to the contest page. 


Store Products End Date Type Prizes
Shell Gas Station


11.05.23 Swipe Air Miles Gas Gift Cards

Hershey Products

12.10.23 Receipt Contest NBA Gift cards, trip
Circle K


11.13.23 UPC Car,Food prizes,gift cards
Canadian Retailers


12.05.23 Receipt/Draw A trip or cash alternative
Canadian retailers

General Mills Products

12.31.23 receipt/Instant win Nintendo Switch Consoles
Canadian Retailers

Canada Dry products

12.31.23 Pin Code Assorted Prizes
Canadian Retailers

Nescafe Gold

12.18.23 Receipt/Instant win $500 grocery gift card
Canadian retailers


02.12.24 Receipt/Instant win NFL gift cards
Canadian retailers

Campbells Products

12.01.23 Receipt Contest PS 5 Console
Canadian retailers

Bimbo Canada Products

12.28.23 Receipt/Draw $500 NHL gift cards
Canadian retailers

Mastro Products

12.31.23 Receipt/draw Trip and Gift cards
Canadian retailers

Bimbo Products

12.27.23 Receipt/draw $500 NHL gift cards and grand prizes
Canadian retailers


12.15.23 Receipt/Instant win $100 NHL gift cards and grand prize
As with any contest you enter, reading all the rules is a must. Product sizes and types can vary per contest and getting the right one matters.

Keep your eyes peeled when at the grocery store for on packaging contests. They are everywhere just waiting to be spotted!

Receipts for Ongoing Contests

 Check out my great list of customer surveys to win prizes you can do with your receipts from so many stores. 

Wishing You Good Luck!