Must Read UPC Contest Tips before Entering

UPC Entry Contests 


UPC contests are fun to enter and super easy too! Simply enter the product UPC that is requested and you are entered to win a prize. 

But each UPC contest is different, so understanding how they work can really increase your chances of winning a prize. 

What is a UPC?

A UPC is a universal product code on all products. It's a code that identifies a certain product. 

Tips for Entering UPC Contests

1.  Don't Assume

When you come across a UPC contest don't assume it's a no purchase needed contest. More and more sponsors are putting in their contest rules that proof of purchase will be asked for if you win a prize using a UPC. Make sure that using a UPC without a purchase is okay in the rules. 

2.  Save What is Asked For

Some contests state that they can ask for the actual UPC code from the packaging if you are picked as a winner. Some will ask for the receipt with the UPC code on it, others have asked for the actual packaging. 
Make sure to read the rules a few times to make sure you know what will be asked of you if you win. 

3. Only Trust the Rules

So many contest forums and groups have a ton of comments and posts sharing UPC codes. Before you go copying and pasting make sure that you can use ANY UPC to enter. It's very frustrating to be picked as a winner and then disqualified because you didn't follow the rules about the UPC. Don't believe a random commenter, do your own due diligence and read the rules and regulations in full a couple of times. 

4. When In Doubt

If you come across a UPC contest and you just don't understand the rules, reach out to the contest holder. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification when it comes to getting a valid entry in to win a prize. Turning to groups and forums online is great but at the end of the day the best information will come from the sponsor themselves. 

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Wishing You Good Luck!