How to Search Google for Contests the Right Way

Search Google for Canadian Contests

NOTE : This article has been updated and can be found here >> https://www.contestlibrary.ca/2024/02/Search-Google-for-Contests.html

Google is a great tool to boost your contesting if you know how to use it to the fullest. Searching Google a specific way for contests, and setting up a few things can really amp up your contest entering.

Find contests and giveaways on social media is easy enough. But finding ones that are specific to prizes you want to win, or have lower entries can be slightly harder. Google offers a few ways to really narrow you search for contests you want to enter.

How to Search Google for Contests

Just typing in a prize or contest into the Google search engine is a waste of your time. The results from a basic search are always out-dated and not always open to Canada or your province. You want to run a search that is narrowed and specific to get the best results.

The first step is to search the prize you want to win. For this post’s sake I have searched “Win a coffee maker”. The results come up, but we want even better results so now it’s time to edit our search.

How to Search Google for Contests
Once you click on Advanced search the page you are going to narrow your results pops up. Here you are going to put “Canada” as your region and even narrow down the time to a upto a week.

Advanced Google Search

When you are done setting the search settings click Advanced Search at the bottom of the page. Now your results are narrowed to current contests that are open to Canada that have the words coffee maker in them.

Setting Up Google Alerts for Contests

Google Alerts is an amazing tool for contesting. You can set up your Google alerts to be emailed the moment something is shared on the internet that matches your alert terms. You can put what you want in your alerts, such as specific prizes you want to win or brands

Google Contest Alerts

Once you get to your Google Alerts page type in whatever you want to be notified about. It
could be Grocery giveaway, Cereal contest and things of that nature. You can add quite a few as well..

Google Alerts Set-Up

Add of few contest search terms, and you can always add to your list or remove some from your list. Now that you have your search terms set up, it’s time to set when you want to get these emails. Set a time you are usually online and will have time to check what new content Google has found for you.

Google Alert Times

Using these 2 techniques can really help you find the best contests for the prizes you are looking to win. 

Wishing You Good Luck!