Selling Prizes Won in Contests - What are your thoughts?

I get emails all the time asking what my thoughts are on selling prizes you won. This is a topic that can really bring out the anger in some people for sure!

Selling Prizes Won

Selling Contest Prizes Won Article

This topic usually brings up statements like " That is just wrong!" or "No way, that's not right". I find more and more people are so quick to judge each other about right and wrong. So ready to jump all over someone who may choose to do something different than you would. It's a sad reality in the contest world as contest lovers judge each other, criticise each other and even go as far as calling other contest entrants cheaters.

A question like " Is it wrong to sell a prize I won?" is one that really has no right or wrong answer. There are some top contest prize winners like Di Coke who wrote a great article about selling prizes and how she sees it. And yes she has sold some of her prizes. Keep in mind she is a UK contester who has won thousands and thousands of prizes and some very high value ones too.

Most contesters could care less if someone sells a prize they won. But there are always that handful of people who think it's completely wrong. (Usually the thirsty ones who feel the need to enter everything and anything, even contests not open to them.)

Did you know that most people who win homes in lotteries quickly sell them off? Are they wrong for doing so? Of course not. If they can't afford the upkeep, it is only logical to sell it to someone who can.

We never know other peoples full circumstances, or what they are facing in their life. We are all guilty at one time or another of being too quick to judge.

Keep in mind not all prizes can be sold. Most trips or wedding prizes can't be transferred to another winner. If the winner can't use the prize it ends up forfeited.

Promotions like the free pumpkin spice KD, or the Candy KD are not really prizes. These are promotion freebies for their fans. Seeing those being sold on eBay for $1000 was just crazy. That is taking advantage of a promotion that a true KD lover could have enjoyed. Clearly these people only claimed the freebie for the re-sale purpose. That in my opinion is just wrong.

My thoughts on Selling Contest Prizes

I think what someone chooses to do with something that is rightfully theirs is up to them. It has zero to do with morals or etiquette. Once a winner gets their prize it's theirs to do with as they wish.

There are so many more important things in life than concerning myself with what others do. If a mother needs food in the fridge and has a prize she can sell to feed her babies then I am behind her cheering. If a young man can't get to and from work because he is broke and needs gas money more than the TV he won, I am cheering him on as he sells it.

I enter contests where I know what the prize is, and I know I would enjoy it or a family member would. There are times you could win a prize you weren't expecting and can't use. In that case I would sell it for a much lower cost than retail.

Let's all try to stop being judgemental and just focus on our own choices.

Wishing You Good Luck!