Do I Need a Separate Email for Entering Contests?

There are many things you can do to get your contesting organized. Having a contest entering email for only contests is number 1. Organization of your contest hobby can increase your odds of winning prizes.

It is so easy to miss a "You are a winner" email and even easier if you use one email address for everything. Many prize win emails end up in the spam folder and can easily be missed. If you are using one email for all your daily things like bills and work it can get full and fast.

Having a separate email dedicated just for contests can prevent you from missing prize claim emails and keep your hobby out of your daily inbox. When entering contests spam emails are a given. Keeping all those emails in their own inbox can really keep your organized.

Making a Contest Dedicated Email

First you need to choose which email provider you want to go with. For all my contesting I personally like Gmail. It allows me to make multiple emails and easily go from one inbox to another. If you are already using Gmail as your primary email address then it's super simple to create another one within that account.

Second you need to come up with your email address name. I suggest you stay away from words like contests, giveaways, winner and things of that nature. Pick something that stands out and is eye catching, yet short and easy remember. Make sure to add your new email and info to your auto-fill for faster contest entering too.

Wishing You Good Luck!