Can You Really Win Prizes With the No Purchase Needed Contest Option?

A question that comes up a lot is " Can you really win with the no purchase needed contest entry?"

This is a great question to ask, and the answer is fairly simple too.

YES, yes and heck yes you can! 

No Purchase Needed Entry Contests

Many grand prizes have been won by using the no purchase needed entry option. It may take a little more time than a purchase entry and cost you in mailing fees but they are totally winnable!

There are so many awesome prizes to be won with the no purchase needed option. Understanding the different types of no purchase needed contests will help you decide which ones you want to enter.

Many contesters win amazing huge prizes by sending in an essay or doing a NPN entry online. If you aren't able or interested in buying a product to enter, always check out their NPN option.

When it comes to giveaways and contests there is a difference. Only with contests will you find the no purchase needed option. Canadian law does dictate that there always be an entry option in which you don't have to buy anything. You can find the terms of each contests entry options in their rules and regulations.

Types of no purchase entry options contests offer are varied. Here are a few you will for sure come across while entering contests.

Types of No Purchase Entry Options

UPC Contests

UPC contests are generally no purchase needed contest. A UPC code can be found on almost all products sold. This is the barcode on the product that identifies the product. You can walk into a store snap a picture of the UPC code on a product and not buy it. This makes your entry into a contest a no purchase needed entry. Joining contest groups is also a great way to get UPC codes for contest entries since many people share theirs. 

Online Essay Contest Entry

Many contests will offer an online essay option. There will be a separate link to write your essay and submit it. There is always a word limit to a contest essay entry. Make sure to read the rules to see what is expected of you. If the contest is a daily entry contest, make sure you check the rules to see if it can be the same essay submitted each day or if it requires a unique one each entry. 

Mail in Essay Contest Entry

Certain contests will ask for mail in essay. These will cost you the cost of a stamp and probably a self addressed stamped envelope as well. Many large prizes have been won using this method. If the prize is worth it to you, then a mail in essay is a great chance at winning. 

S.A.S.E Contest Entry

A self addressed stamped envelope with an index card with your information is also an entry contests as for. You just mail out your envelope along with a second one addressed to yourself with a stamp affixed to it. Make sure you have added the information inside that they need such as your address, phone number, full name and email address.

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Have other questions about contests and winning prizes? Make sure to check out the contest FAQ section.  

Wishing You Good Luck!