Contest FAQS

Entering contests and actually winning prizes in contests is easier then you think. But with anything questions come up and we are here to help you. 

Any question you may have about entering contests is a great one. If it is not answered in one of these articles you can reach out on the contact me page and we will try our best to answer your questions. 

Contest Winning Questions Answered

More answers to contest questions will be added right here for you weekly. 

Frequently Asked Contest Questions

1. Do I need a separate email for contests?

2. What is a seeded contest?

3. What is a pin code contest?

4. Why don't I ever win prizes? 

5. Does entering contests cost money?

6. How do I search Google for contests?

7. How to find local contests?

8. How to find low entry contests?

9. Instant win contests -How do I win them?

10. How to claim a prize with no printer?

11. Do I have to enter contest daily to really win?

12. How many people in my house can enter a contest?

13. Are contest winnings in Canada taxable? 

14. Can you win using the no purchase entry options?

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