How to Find Local Contests and Giveaways

Finding Local Online Contests


Your odds of winning a prize are much higher with local contests and giveaways. The whole point of entering contests is to win right? So focusing on your best chance contests is your smartest move. So often local restaurants, small owned businesses and even local large chain businesses are giving away local only prizes. I am going to give you a few tips to finding them easily.

Finding Your Local Businesses

There are a few ways to search out your local businesses. Some you may not even know about. The best way to find local businesses that may have contests and giveaways, is paying attention while you are out and about. Take notice of small businesses, and business names. Take a mental note or send yourself a quick text with the business you want to check out online when you get home. Pay attention to grand openings in your area too.

Join Newsletters

Once you start finding your local businesses online, make sure to join their email newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to know about contests and giveaways the day they start.

Local Magazines & Newspapers

Most areas have a very localised paper or magazine. These are great places to find contests and giveaways for local events. Check all the way to the back of the magazine and watch ads closely. Here in Barrie the free paper always has contests that businesses are running and even some of their own contests.

Local Radio Stations

Local radio stations are always giving away prizes and even cash prizes. Doing a simple Google search of local radio stations within your area will bring up some you may not have even known about. There are always contests on radio station websites, but they usually do require you to listen in at certain times to get a contest key word or other information. You do not have to stick to radio stations within your own limited area either. Check province wide radio stations as often times their contests are open to all of one province. Make sure to read all the terms though, many times prizes from radio stations have to be picked up.

Hashtag Searches on Social Media

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great places to search using Hashtags to narrow down your contest search. Spend some time searching with your city or towns name and see what pops up. When I do a quick search for any new local to me contests I use #barrie #barriecontest #oncontest and hashtags like that. Following a Hashtag on Twitter for your local area is a great way to see the latest posts for your local area.

Bookmark Local Businesses

When you come across a local brand or company online bookmark the pages. Creating bookmarks and new folders is super easy. Many websites have a contest page, especially radio station websites. Check your bookmarks and go through the pages you have saved regularly to see if new contests have been added.

Searching Google for Local Contests

Using Google search the right way can bring up tons of local contest results. Search other cities or towns close to you as well for contests. I am totally willing to drive for up to an hour to pick up and amazing prize, so it’s worth checking around close to you.

Wishing You Good Luck!