How to Claim a Prize With No Printer

 A much asked questions about contests is claiming your prize! Almost always you will be emailed a prize claim form. A prize claim form is to print out, you complete it, scan it and email it back.

BUT...Not everyone has a printer or especially a scanner. So you may need to use another means of completing your contest form.

Prize claim forms with no printer

How to Fill Out and Scan Your Prize Claim Forms without a Printer

1. If you have a printer but no scanner - Print out your claim form and then take a very clear picture from your cell phone or camera. Upload it in your responding email. Make sure there is lots of light behind you and take a few pictures. Then you can crop and edit the clarity of your picture from your cell. You can also use Adobe Scan to scan the form in.

2 . No printer and no scanner - This is where you are going to turn to apps. You can use some apps to download your forms. You can fill them out right within your app. Then save them and send them back as an attachment in your email.

Apps Used for Contest Claim Forms

You will have to try out a few apps, pick the one that works best for you. There are a couple options.

I used a printer for the first few years of completing prize claim forms. With rising costs I decided to get rid of my printer and use only apps to complete my claim forms.

I have never been told an app couldn't be used and my forms are always accepted. 

Please note though, if you win a large cash prize the sponsor may ask for your actual signature and for forms to be completed by hand. In that case visit a local print shop to print out and scan your forms.

Wishing You Good Luck!