How to Get Facebook and Instagram to Show You MORE Contests

Want to see more contests on Facebook and IG in your feed?

Facebook and Instagram giveaways are super popular for some contesters. If you are new to the contesting hobby, you are probably asking yourself “How do they find all the giveaways”?

Social media platforms work on an algorithm. This algorithm can work in your favour over time. After following the steps I am going to share with you, it can take a few weeks for the algorithm to start showing you what you want to see.

How to see contests on Facebook and Instagram

How to See More Contests on IG & FB

The first thing you want to do so you see more contests and giveaways in your feed is:

Start searching the terms every day. The key is to not only search on Facebook but on your search engine as well. Type in contests, giveaways, Canadian contests, win prizes and so forth. Do a simple quick search everyday on your search engine as well on the social media channels you use.

The second thing you need to do is “Like” more often. What I mean by this is you need to not just scroll past the contests and giveaways you aren’t interested in. When you do see a contest in your newsfeed, take the time to like it. Facebook and Instagram show you more of what they see you liking. You don’t have to share it, just a simple like.

The key is to make sure Facebook and Instagram know your interests. They are keen to show you more of what you want to see. Quick daily searches and likes will lead to more contests and giveaways showing up in your newsfeed.

The third thing that can be super helpful for seeing new giveaways, is by following your local companies. When you follow some local businesses in your area, Facebook starts to show you other businesses in your area for you to follow. Best part is local contests/giveaways are easier to win than most.

Happy contest entering!  

Wishing You Good Luck!