What is a Seeded Contest?

What is a Seeded Contest?

There are so many different types of contests you can enter. Seeded contests are ones that bring up some questions when people read the rules. This is a quick explanation to help you understand seeded contests and the odds of winning a prize.

What Is a Seeded Contest?

The rules of a contest explain everything you need to know about entering and winning. The rules will tell you how the prizes will be distributed. Most pin code contests are run by an algorithm of time of day you enter. The pin code you are entering for those will be a winner if you entered at a lucky time.

When it comes to a seeded contest, the pin code you are entering is already predetermined. This means your code is either a winner or a loser before you even enter it into the contest. Prizes have been associated with a prize that the contest sponsor is giving away.

These contests can be harder to win, but not impossible. Time of day that you enter a seeded contest won’t matter at all. Your unique pin code is either a winner or a loser.

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