What is a Pin Code Contest?

Pin Code Contest

Pin code contests are a top favourite of mine. It’s the first type of contest I suggest to someone getting into contesting. Pin code contests always have numerous prizes to be won, increasing your odds of being a lucky winner.

What is a Contest Pin Code?

A contest pin code is an identifying number on a product. This code is a unique code that can be entered online for a chance to win something.

Sometimes a pin code can be associated with a prize and other times the pin code is just an entry too that has to be entered at the right time for a chance to win.

Each pin code contest will have different rules and regulations. Make sure to read them before ever entering your code. You can increase your odds of winning if you know how they are picking winners.

Where Can I Get Contest Pin Codes?

Each contest will tell you where you can find the pin code for their promotion. Some pin codes will be on the outside of packaging, inside the packaging or under drink bottle tabs. When a brand is running a contest a pin code packaging will be specially marked. On the outside of the product there will be some indication that a contest is running.

You can also check the rules of a contest, to see if a free pin code is being provided. Large brands often offer a free pin code as their no purchase needed entry option.

Pin code contests that offer a no purchase needed option, you can find their address in the rules to mail-in a pin code request. This usually requires an essay of some sort.

What is the Best Time to Enter a Pin Code?

The best time to enter a pin code is all based on what the rules say. They are your holy grail to all the information you need to winning.

If a pin code contest is based on timing, then I enter only early in the morning between 4-6 am EST. I have won thousands on instant prizes using this strategy.

Now if a pin code contest is already predetermined by the code, time of day makes no difference. If the pin code is a winner no matter what time you enter it will declare you a winner.

Pin code contests are totally worth checking out and entering. I have won some fun and unique prizes over the years with a single pin code.

Happy contesting & good luck!

Wishing You Good Luck!