Can Other Household Members Enter the Same Contest as I Do?

The question of how many people of your household can enter a contest comes up a lot. It's actually a hot topic among many. Often times people are misinformed and think it's cheating if more than one person in your home enters a contest.

They couldn't be more wrong. Let me explain how you and anyone living in your home can enter a contest.

How Many People in a Household Can Enter a Contest

The very first step of entering any contest is reading the rules. The rules is where are the gems of information are, that can actually help you win!

Once you have landed on the rules page, search for entry terms. They will vary from contest to contest. Some will be crystal clear and others may not be. Don't hesitate to email the contest holder and ask them to clarify.

When Can Every Adult in the House Enter a Contest?

If the rules say things like the following every adult living in your home can enter. The wording may be slightly different but will be close to the following terms.

  • One entry per person
  • One entry daily per person
  • One entry per email address
  • 1 Prize per person per contest period.

When Can Only One Person in Your Household Enter?

There are some contests that only allow one person in the entire house to enter. It will be declared in the contest rules. Check the rules for the following terms so you know only YOU can enter and no one else.

  • One entry per household
  • One email address per household
  • Only one person per address can enter
  • One entry per IP address
Happy Winning! 

Wishing You Good Luck!