How To Share Your Contest Referral Links on Instagram

Contest Referral Links

Are you looking for a spot to share your contest referral links, to increase your chances of winning a prize?  Instagram is a great spot to share your contest referral links.

When you come across a fun contest that offers you a referral link, sharing it just to your Facebook may not be enough. You could be gaining yourself extra entries by sharing it other places online too.

How to Share Your Contest Referral Links on IG

As you already know, Instagram doesn’t allow users to put a link with your IG posts. And they really don’t like it when you type the link even though it’s not linked. Not only does it visually look bad when you see a link typed, IG shows the post to less people because of it.

Instagram is a hot bed of people who love winning prizes and your referral link can do quite well.

Using Linktree for Contest Referral Links

Make yourself a Linktree account for free. There are a few other options like Campsite but Linktree is the easiest platform to use.

Click on Get Started and make your free account. It should take you less than 5 minutes to have an active account that is ready for links. There are paid versions and upgrades you can do, but none of that is needed. The free account is plenty to get your contest referral links up and public.

You can pick colors and add a profile picture to your account as well. Once your account is set up it’s time to add your referral link.

In the title section you are going to add the title of your link. For example ” Win Gift Cards”. In the URL section is where your contest referral link is going to be pasted. Copy and paste your link there and then turn on the link.

Adding a Linktree Link

The best part about Linktree is you can add many links that you want to share with others. You just have to make sure your links are turned on so they can be seen. Once your contest referral links are all set up, it’s time to get your link to add to your Instagram account.

Adding Your Linktree Link to Your Instagram Bio

On Instagram you are going to go to edit profile to add your link to your bio. Once you get to the edit profile section, Website is where you are going to add your Linktree link.

Add linktree to Instagram

This one link in your bio, will lead people to all the links you want to share with them. This is where your contest referral links will be. When you post about a contest you can write in the description that there is a link to the contest in your bio.

You only have to add your Linktree link to Instagram once. When you want to add another link or delete an expired contest link, just sign into Linktree and manage your links. They automatically update to the link you have in your bio.

Your Linktree link can be shared anywhere you want.

Wishing You Good Luck!