How to Search Your Email for Prize Winner Notifications

Contest winner emails are so exciting right!? The "Congratulations you won!"  and as soon as you see it your heart skips a beat!

How to search for winner emails

How to Search For Prize Winner Emails

Contest emails often have expiry dates, and that's when finding an old winner email can be disheartening! I along with many contest lovers have found out that we won a prize way too late to claim it and it sucks!

There is a way for you to make sure you are not missing any winner emails by doing simple searches for winner notifications in all your email folders like spam and other.

At the top of any of your email accounts will be a search bar to search within your emails.  Use that bar to enter the search terms below.

Winner Email Search Terms 

  • Congratulations and search congrats 
  • You Won!
  • Winner
  • Prize Claim
  • Prize winner
  • Claim form
  • Contest entry
  • You've been selected
  • Your entry
  • Contest entry

Searching these terms in your email search bar will bring up all the emails with those words in them. This is a great way to not miss out on any winning emails you may get. You can make this process even easier by having a dedicated contest email

You do need to know how to weed out the fake winning emails too. If you are entering Facebook based contests make sure to check your filtered/hidden messages, many prize winner messages end up there and get missed.

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Wishing You Good Luck!