Does Entering and Winning Contests Cost Money?

A big question for many people is “Does contesting cost money?” And the next one is “Can I win prizes without spending?”

Both questions are great questions. Before jumping into any hobby you need to consider the cost.

So I will answer both questions separately to get you started. Make sure to also visit my contest tips section for tons of helpful hints to winning prizes.

Does Contesting Cost Money?

I started this website to be totally transparent about the contesting hobby. So the short answer is yes it can.

If you are looking to win often and love winning spending a little bit a money can definitely help.

Example of what I mean :

The Pepsi Stuff instant win contest – To enter you need a pin code. The pin code can be obtained free by mailing a request in. This costs $1.07 and then you wait for a response with your pin code. At the Dollar store a specially marked bottle is $0.87. ( At least where I am)

Other contests require you to mail in an envelope with an another envelope inside it already stamped. So you now have paid twice to mail a pin code or entry. It often times ends up being worth just buying the product for your chance.

Whether it be a receipt contest or a pin code contest you will always come across contests that will cost you a small amount. It’s totally up to you if you want to spend to win.

Can I Win Prizes Without Spending Money?

Again the answer is yes! I have won lots of great high value prizes without having to make a purchase.

When it comes to no purchase needed entries always check the rules. If there is no pin code offered free, you will need to mail away for it. If you choose to do that, do it on the cheap. Don’t buy 1 stamp at a time. Buy a book of stamps making it cheaper to send away your entry request.

Many contests offer an essay entry option. Check if there is one, and take advantage of it. Use a word counter to make sure your essay is long enough and email it away.

Do what the Contest Queen does, and go recycle bin hunting for pin codes that have been thrown away! She wins some amazing prizes this way, so don’t knock it until you try it.

Another way to get pin codes for entering contests without paying for the product, is asking friends if they have the products.

There are so many contests running at any given time that you don’t need to be entering purchase needed contests to win prizes. So if things are tight (trust me I understand) then avoid those contests.

UPC contests are contests you don’t need to make a purchase for. Related Read > Stop thinking you need to purchase for a UPC contest.

Wishing You Good Luck!