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Do I Have to Enter Contests Everyday to Actually Win Prizes?

Time is something that we don’t all have to spend on our hobbies. A question I get a lot is : "Do I have to enter contests every single day to actually win”?

Not at all! Contesting should be fun, and not a chore you have to do every single day. In fact if you look at any hobby everyday kind of takes away the joy of it.

If you want to win prizes and don’t have time to enter daily, there are ways to increase your odds of winning without having to enter daily.

You may think well doesn’t consistency help me win? No, not really. I learned years ago small breaks do wonders for winning. Contesting is a hobby not a life choice like your health.

If your life is busy and hectic like most of us, there are contests worth entering that don’t take consistency and every day entering.

Contests to focus on that don’t take daily consistency…

1. Single entry contests

Find and enter single entry contests. They don’t need everyday entries and they aren’t as hard to win as you might think. Set aside even a half hour a week just to enter some one time entry contests.

2. Comment Giveaways

Comment giveaways on Facebook or Instagram are a one time leave a comment to enter giveaways. Search out the ones you want to win and leave your comment. All you have to do is check back to see who won.

3. Enter Local Contests

Local stores and markets often have ballot giveaways. Even Shopper’s Drug Mart has them quite often. Fill out your entry and drop it in. Local contests pop up all the time. Seek them out while out shopping and enter.

4. Receipt Contests

Receipt contests are a great way to enter a contest without spending tons of time and having to be online daily to enter. Simply upload your receipt and watch for an email to come if you win.

Everyone’s contest hobby is different. I win tons of prizes and I for sure do not enter every day. I even set hours where I don’t get online. From 8 pm on in the evenings I turn off all social media. Having a healthy mind is better than winning every prize being offered.

Find what works for you and enter with a positive attitude. You don’t need to enter consistently to win, you need to enter the right contests for a real shot at winning.

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