How to Search Google For Contests Has Changed (For Now Anyways)

 Finding Contests Using Google Search

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One of the best ways to find contests with better odds of winning is finding your own contests and not relying on aggregates. But you may have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Google has removed the advanced search button that made it super easy to narrow down your contest search. 

Google has stated that they may bring it back but for now it's gone. It seems to disappear once you update Google to the latest updates. But don't fret you can still narrow down your search to get the best results possible when searching for contests to enter. 

Searching up and finding your own contests to enter can really open your eyes to just how many local contests you have running near you. You can search for things you really want to win and stop wasting your time entering contests you have no shot of winning. Playing with the advanced search is super easy and you will find what search works best for you. 

Using this Google feature is a great way to work on your prize bucket list. If you don't have one yet I strongly suggest you make one! Winning prizes you really want or need is just the best feeling in the world. 

Since the super easy cog is gone when you do a search I have added the direct link to get to the Advanced Google Search below. 

How to Search for Contests Using the Advanced Search

1. Visit the advanced search page

On the Google Advanced Search page you are going to pick your settings before you search. You want to be as specific as possible to get the best results. 

2. Filling out the "All these words" section

The "All these words" section is where you are going to put the exact term you want to search. It could be things from your prize bucket list, or generic search terms that often bring up great results too. 

Search terms like "Win - and then insert the prize you are really looking to win. Try it with different prizes to get a vast array of results. 

Searching the terms : Contest, enter to win, sweepstakes and prizes is also a great way to get some perfect results. 

If there are certain words you don't want to show in your search results put a minus - before the word. For instance -British Columbia. This will omit anything with the phrase BC from your search results. 

3. Pick your region

The next step is picking your region. Since we are in Canada it's the obvious choice. Make sure this is picked so you don't get a ton of results of contests that aren't open to you to enter. This doesn't mean Google is perfect so make sure to read the rules of every single contest you enter because some United States contests could slip through the cracks of the search. 

4. Last update 

On a computer the option will be "Last update" from a cell phone you may see "recent". You want to narrow your search results to the newest contests posted, not ones from a year ago. 

I personally always pick "past week". It seems to bring up the best results since it does take a while for new contests to make it into the algorithm and into search results. Choosing the 24 hour option doesn't bring up the greatest results. 

Finding your own contests and not needing to rely on contest aggregates can really make your hobby your own. You are sure to find some fun and easy contests and giveaways to enter using the advanced search feature.

Good luck in everything you enter! 🍀

Wishing You Good Luck!