Prize Bucket List Can Boost Your Chances of Winning Prizes

 If you are hoping to boost your chances of winning prizes, there are lots of things you can do. Having a prize bucket list is one of those things.

Think of it this way....If you really want to win one of the prizes a contest or giveaway is offering, you are more likely to come back daily for you extra entries, check back on the giveaway at its close date, follow up and see a winners list.

Prize Bucket List

Making a Prize Bucket List

To start your bucket list be realistic. Pick 10 things that you really want but just can't afford right now. choose things that will make your life a little easier day to day. 

Write your 10 things you want to win down, either in your cell or on a piece of paper you see daily. I personally use post it notes and have all the things I want to win posted everywhere. (Giggle) 

Make sure to look at your list every single day. Think about those 10 things you really want to win at least once a day. 

Bucket List Suggestions

  • Espresso Machine
  • Big Screen TV
  • Kids toys and clothes
  • Laptop & Computer
  • Sports gear
  • Gift cards of any kind
  • Jewellery 
  • Concert tickets
  • Trips

Finding Your Bucket List Items

Now it's time to start finding all those things you want to win. Be patient with this step. There may not be a contest running for one of your bucket list items right away. But trust me one will come up before you know it. 

1. Search out your local businesses online that sell the items you are wanting to win. Follow them on all their social media channels and sign up for their newsletter. This increases your chances of winning prizes with them every time they hold a contest or giveaway.

2. Search Google for the latest contests that offer your bucket list items as prizes. Read my post on how to search Google the right way for contests.

Bookmark contests and giveaways to check back and do all the required daily contest entries. Always perform all the actions a contest asks for. Your chances of winning will increase.

💡TIP : Searching to win a trip? Search it different ways:

Win a trip, Win a family trip, Win a trip for two, Trips to be won, Trip giveaway, Contest trip to Canada (Insert your dream place), Getaway ,Getaway giveaway, Travel sweepstake's.

Keep adding to your list and look for low entry contests. If you focus on prizes you really really want to win, you will stay on top of it and increase your odds of winning.

Wishing You Good Luck!