Holiday Instagram Giveaways for Canada

 Instagram Giveaways 

Each holiday brings tons of giveaways from amazing brands. But nothing compares to the amount of fun giveaways happening on Instagram at this time of year.

There are quite a few brands that go above and beyond with their giveaways for their fans. Instagram giveaways are easy to enter and offer some amazing prizes to be won. 

This post will be updated as giveaways worth entering catch my eye. 

Each one will just be linked to the original giveaway post. Some may only be open to local areas or provinces. So make sure to read the rules of each giveaway you enter before entering. 

I am sending you good luck sprinkles hoping you win some amazing prizes this holiday season. 


Instagram Giveaways

Instagram Entering Tips

👉Make sure to only tag the amount of friends the giveaway asks for.

👉 Make sure it's open to your location. Many prizes are local pick ups. Don't ruin the giveaway for others.

👉 Don't tag people too quickly, you will get banned and lose out on all the holiday giveaways. 

👉 Don't trust every winner notification you get. Scams are out in full force this year. You never have to provide a credit card to claim any prize won in Canada or elsewhere.

👉 Don't tag people you don't follow to get a contest entry. It's spam and you will make online enemies fast.

👉 Search out your local businesses who are giving away prizes on Instagram to increase your odds of winning prizes. 

👉 Follow your local malls and plazas.

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Wishing You Good Luck!