Don't Get Conned Into Paying to Learn How to Enter and Or WIN Contests

 Paying to Learn How to Enter and Win Contests

This is more of an awareness post than anything else. As a long time contest entrant and winner of thousands and thousands of prizes over the years I have news for you. You never have to pay a cent to learn how to win prizes in contests. 

The internet is full of con artists and scammers that try to make money off information that is everywhere free. As tough as times are for people financially right now, your money is much better spent than paying for free information. 

The first thing you have to remember when it comes to the contest hobby is that it's an easy hobby for scammers and con artists to infiltrate. Either through fake contests or selling information that you can find free from any genuine contest lover. 

Entering contests online takes basic common sense and some awareness. No there is nothing special you can do that gives you a better chance than anyone else. No one can help you win a house a car or anything else. Don't fall for the fake hype. 

The most important thing to remember is that many people online are looking to make money off of you. So if they can convince you that you need their information they can take money from you and yet offer you information that is already free online. Contesting is a free hobby other than products you may buy to enter a contest. Don't throw your money away so easily when it comes to winning prizes. 

Paying for things like form fillers is never needed. Simple free organisation goes a long way in this hobby. Save your money when it comes to frills like that and spend it on actual chances of winning, like receipt contests.

All you need to actually win prizes is a great attitude, some time in your day and little FREE guidance to which contests are worth entering and which to avoid. There are tons of tips right here on the Contest library and even more help from actual winners in my contest group on Facebook. Check out the contest FAQ section and the TIP section to get started. 

Good Luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!