Cheating is Rampant in Giveaways on Instagram (How to Distance Yourself)

Instagram Giveaways 


Instagram giveaways are very popular and a great way to win prizes from brands we love. Brand and influencers are very generous by giving away prizes in the hopes that their products get into the hands of real consumers who appreciate their products and will share the word about their products. 

Thousands of Canadians spend hours scouring Instagram entering the latest giveaways on Instagram to try and win prizes to try the latest products. The majority are honest entrants and then there are the minority of cheaters and that group is growing fast! 

Giveaway Cheaters (Yes, we see you)


What is a giveaway cheater? >> A giveaway cheater is someone who struggles to read instructions and feels they are more important than everyone else on the planet. They have an innate feeling that if they don't win everything they may just fall apart or even drop dead. They are a person who lacks common sense, self respect and any common decency. They suffer from an un-diagnosed case of extreme greed that turns them green while scrolling through social media. 

99% of Instagram giveaways ask that you enter their giveaways from one single account. Giveaway cheaters have multiple accounts. One in their name, one in their mothers name who has dementia and hasn't been online in 10 years, one in their deceased fathers name, one in their pets name. one in different spellings of their own name and accounts in all their children's names and even their imaginary kids names.  They use all these accounts to enter a SINGLE giveaway in hopes of it giving them a better chance of winning. More and more the genuine lovers of giveaways are banding together and sharing those cheater account names and the cheaters are becoming well known! Now even sponsors of the giveaways are getting messages pointing out the cheaters which many sponsors are very thankful for.

Does having a back up account on Instagram make you a cheater? In the eyes of most yes it can if you use it to cheat! During peak giveaway season on Instagram many accounts get blocked for tagging too often. This is when many will turn to a back up account to enter giveaways while they wait for their main account to be out of the proverbial Instagram jail. The issue comes when those back up accounts are used to enter giveaways already entered with the main accounts. I personally have never had a need for a back up account, and this is true of many other consistent winners of giveaways. Seasoned contesters generally block other peoples back up accounts as they are seen as cheater accounts. This is quite the hot topic in the contest hobby and we chat about it a lot in my contest group on Facebook. 

Avoid Getting Lumped in With Cheaters

What you don't want to happen, is for your account to get known as an account that is being tagged by a known cheater! Not only are other giveaway lovers now sharing lists of cheater account names, sponsors are now spotting cheater accounts because they are being alerted to the cheaters more often. 

When you spot someone cheating be smart, just block the account(s) and move on. You don't need their negative karma coming your way. Give them one less person to tag in giveaways and eventually they will run out of people to tag in giveaways and stop winning prizes. It's up to you if you want to contact the giveaway holder to enlighten them about the cheater account, but sometimes it's just not worth your time. In the end cheaters always end up the losers in the long run. As the numbers of cheaters rise so does the list of names and Instagram account names being shared among honest giveaway lovers warning others about them. 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!