Ways to Avoid Your Instagram Being Banned or Suspended When Entering Giveaways

Why Does Instagram Ban You 

They ban you for not following their guidelines and rules. All actions on Instagram have their limits and if you don't comply they essentially spank you. After enough spanks they can permanently remove you. 

If you can't follow their rules they are swift to remind you who is the boss, and that can really put a hamper into entering giveaways. 

What Types of Instagram Bans There Are

There are three major types of Instagram bans that you could experience. 

  • Action Block
  • Shadow Ban
  • Ban 

 How to Avoid Having Your Instagram Account Banned

 This is a no fluff article to help you avoid getting your Instagram account banned, disabled or suspended. If you enter Instagram giveaways then this article is a must for you to keep your account safe. 


1. Don't Tag and Share Pointlessly 

If a giveaway on Instagram doesn't ask for a tag or share to enter, then don't do it! Save those actions for a giveaway that is asking for it. You can only perform so many actions a day on Instagram before they nail your account with a ban. 

2. Careful with Emojis 

Adding an emoji to your comment can make your comment pop. BUT using more than one could get you banned fast. Make sure to use an emoji that is relevant to the topic of the giveaway. 

3. Hashtags in Comments

Don't use hashtags in your comments. I know many giveaways ask for them, and hopefully they get properly trained social media staff who are aware it leads to their followers being banned quick. Many contesters this holiday season have ended up banned the moment they use a hashtag in their comment. 

4. Don't Like Other Peoples Tags

If you see a tag of someone you know online, don't like their tags! If your name isn't in the tag it's quite frankly none of your business. You waste that person's time checking a needless notification, and it just makes you look like a social media stalker. 

5. Avoid Tagging Accounts with these Words in Their Handles

If you want to increase your chances of winning prizes in Instagram giveaways avoid tagging accounts with these words in their names. Tag people with legitimate names or handles without any reference to winning prizes or liking contests. 
  • Contest
  • Winner
  • Contestlover
  • Giveawaylover
  • Prize lover
  • Contesting
All accounts with names like these lead sponsors to instantly label you a sweeper and you decrease your odds of winning. Accounts with names like the above ones are usually marked as spam by Instagram right away and can lead you down the Instagram banning path. 

6. Be Active on Your Own Feed

Make sure to post to your own Instagram feed at least 3 times a week! If you are only using your account to tag people in giveaways you will find yourself banned more often than not. Instagram needs to see that you are a legitimate account that posts on a regular basis. 

7. Don't Tag your Back Up Accounts

If you have different Instagram accounts never tag yourself in a giveaway post. This instantly makes Instagram see you as a spammer and even a scammer. You can have more than one Instagram account, but to keep them safe from being banned they need to be of different topics. 

8. Leave a Gap Between Tags on ONE Giveaway

 To avoid being banned for tagging too often and to increase your actual chances of winning a giveaway done with a randomised program , leave a gap. What does this mean? It means when you come across an Instagram giveaway you want to enter, add a few comments with tags. Then use the Instagram save function to save it for later. Later can be even 15 minutes later, but later. Then you can visit your saved folder and leave a few more tags. 

9.  Avoid Terms Like DM Me

Many people have ended up being banned for using terms such as "DM me" . It tells Instagram you could be a scammer looking for a victim to scam. There are thousands of banned words and terms on Instagram. A quick Google search will give you all the current banned words and hashtags to avoid. 

10. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication 

The most important part of making your account legitimate and safe is setting up the two step authentication for sign in. It keeps scammers out and tells Instagram you are a real person behind the device who values their account. 

11. Don't Un-follow At High Speed

If you have accounts you no longer want to follow you can easily un-follow them. But be smart about it because Instagram doesn't like it when you un-follow. Un-follow no more than 10 accounts in a day. You won't see your following number drop for a few days, it's not instant. 

12. Block Bot and Unknown Accounts Right Away

Having high numbers of followers won't win you more prizes. It actually seems to do the exact opposite. If someone unknown to you follows you remove them. If fake accounts known as bot accounts follow you block them right away.  

13. Interact Normally on Instagram

Don't only tag friends in giveaways when you get on Instagram. Interact with normal posts leaving comments and liking posts. If all you do is tag people in giveaways your account will be seen as spam and you will find yourself in Instagram jail. 

14. Check Your Previous Violations 

Check your bans and see what you have been banned for. This will help you avoid doing those same things again. To see all your violations go to your hamburger menu top right >>Settings and privacy >>Help >>Support Requests >> Violations. 

You can also check what features you currently can't use by going to the  hamburger menu>> Settings and Privacy>>Account Status.

Knowledge is power. 

15. Don't Tag People You Don't Follow

Tagging people you don't follow in giveaways is an easy way to get reported and banned super fast. If you don't know them, you have no business tagging them. Even if they are nice enough not to report you, Instagram sees there is no connection and you could get nailed with a temporary ban. 

16. Don't Message People You Don't Know

Don't send direct messages to accounts you don't follow. It takes the receiver one second to report your message as spam since they don't know you and you will find yourself in an Instagram ban. Even limit the amount of messages you send in a day to people you know. 

17. Don't Comment the Exact Comment Every Time

Right in Instagram's terms and help center it explains what you cannot do. Commenting the same comment over and over with just a different tag will get you banned. It's spam all the way. Make sure each comment you tag someone in is different from the comment before it. 

Source > You can't post the same comment multiple times (including emoji).


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