How to Save Contest Posts on Instagram to Help With Giveaways

Have you wondered what the 'Save Post" function does on Instagram? I have found it quite handy for Instagram giveaways. It's super easy to use and worth checking out.

The most asked question is "Can the sponsor see that I saved their post?" No! They can't. But if they are a business account they do gain some brownie points with the algorithm and it shows their post to more accounts. The sponsor see's how many people saved their post, they don't see who.

Saving giveaway posts can really help you keep track of the prizes you are hoping for. You can even have separate collections that you name.

How to Save Instagram Giveaway Posts

How to Save an Instagram Contest Post

When you come across a contest post on IG you want to save, tap on the bookmark. You can find it at the bottom right of any post.

When you tap the bookmark icon a Save to page will pop up. You can save it to a collection you already have, or press the + button. When you press the + sign you can name your collection. Giveaways, Giveaways Ending Soon, Noteworthy, are all ideas of collection names to organise your contest posts.

Collections are like files. You name the files what work best for you. Once you name your collection you can start adding posts to it.

Now when you come across a contest/giveaway post you just click the bookmark icon and add it to one of the collections you have created. This is a great way to check back with a contest to see if the winner was posted. It's also a great way to get a last minute entry into a giveaway too.

How to Find Your Saved Contest Posts

What's the point of saving all these awesome giveaways if you can't find them again right!?

When in your Instagram account go to your settings by clicking on the 3 lines top right.

Then scroll down to saved.

Once in your Saved Collections you can see all the posts you have saved in your different collections.

How to Clean Up Old Saved Posts

As contests and giveaways expire, you will want to clear them from your Instagram Saved Collections. It's super easy to do.

  • Click the 3 dots at the top right
  • Then click on Select at the bottom left
  • Click on the posts you want to delete
  • Click Unsave at the bottom left.

Do you use the Save option on Instagram? It is really worth trying. You can check back with giveaways to see if you were a lucky winner. You can get those lucky last minute entries in, and follow all your entered giveaways in one spot!

Wishing You Good Luck!