Guide to Contests That Ask You to Purchase

 Do you spend money on hobbies? I sure do and it's been quite lucrative!

Many contests are purchase needed contests which means spending a few dollars for a chance at an amazing prize. Spending a couple bucks on a product versus buying a lottery ticket with lower odds of winning can be more rewarding.

Purchase needed contests can be receipt contests, proof of purchase contests, pin code contests, instant win pin codes and UPC contests. In the last 15 years I have won some of my best prizes with purchase needed contests. Each type of contest works a little differently and understanding whats expected can help you win.

This article will show you how the different purchase needed contests work and how to enter them.

Understanding Purchase Needed Contests

Predetermined Instant Winner Pin Codes

When it comes to pin code contests reading the rules a few times is always wise. Some pin code contests are predetermined winners. This means that pin codes are already a winner or loser and have been assigned a prize. Time of day when you enter won't matter if pin codes are predetermined. These can be slightly harder to win. Contest such as these I only buy a couple of the products and that's it.

Brands running this type of contest often don't have to pay out prizes if those specific winning codes haven't been entered. In my opinion it's a sneaky way of selling products with very small chances of having to payout the prizes. These promotions are why reading the rules a few times is needed. Wasting time and money are 2 things I am not into doing.

Random Time Instant Win Pin Codes

Pin code contests that have an algorithm set up for different winner times are great to enter. I have had huge success over the years and have won prizes almost every pin code contest like these that I have ever entered. Some prizes may be small and other times you could score large.

Time of entry really matters in contests like these. If you are entering your pin codes at a busy time of day, imagine how many other people are entering their codes too. All my instant wins with pin codes have been at a particular time of day. See also 6 Instant win tips.

Pin Code Random Draw Contests

Contests that require a pin code but don't offer an instant win portion do random draws. The rules of such a contest will tell you draw dates and the limit of pin codes you can enter. These pin codes like most others can be found under the packaging or under caps.

When there is more than one draw date, plan your pin code entries. Have a few entered for the first draw round, and enter a few for the other draw dates too. Entering a pin code at the very last hour of a random draw contest can bring some luck too.

Proof of Purchase Receipts Contests

Receipt contests are among some of my favourites. I have had amazing luck with them and won thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Receipt contest rules are ones you should read a few times to make sure you understand how they are picking winners.

Some receipt contests word their contests " The first 3000 receipts uploaded" others will say "Upload a receipt for a chance to win" . Both are great but you need to know which it is before you go buying a ton of one product to enter your receipts. You also need to know if separate receipts is needed for extra entries. Take the Takis contest (ended) as an example. If you bought 3 bags of Takis and uploaded your receipt you could gain 3 entries into their contest. See what I won by uploading only 2 receipts and a total of $9.98 spent.

Other contests may stipulate that you only get 1 entry per receipt. This means you should do separate checkouts with one product per receipt to increase you entries. The wording will be something like " One entry per receipt" or " Only one product on a receipt is considered an entry." The rules have a wealth of knowledge for you,spend the time reading them, and then read them again.

UPC Contests

UPC contests may seem to be generous contests with tons of amazing prizes but...

UPC codes are easily obtained by just taking a picture in store and not actually buying the product. This leaves the contest open for tons of cheaters and mass entries. It does decrease your odds of actually winning a prize. Some are smart and ask that you keep proof of purchase that matches the UPC code. Make sure to check the rules of UPC contests to see what they will be asking for if you are deemed a winner. 

Happy contest entering! 

Wishing You Good Luck!