How to Get Instagram Followers for Tagging in Giveaways

 Instagram is a great place for constant giveaways with prizes to be won. For some reason people feel they need a large number of followers to win prizes, and even though this is actually quite far from the truth people strive to have more and more followers. 

For someone entering giveaways on Instagram versus someone building a brand or business, most times less is more when it comes to follower count. Let's be honest with ourselves here the average person on Instagram that is not a brand or a business has a much smaller follower count, and that's the norm. An average account will have under 200 followers because most people only follow real friends and family and likewise those people follow them. 

With that being said having a handful of people to tag in giveaways that are interested in giveaways is great. Tagging those exact same people on every giveaway is a bad bad idea. You right away stand out as a sweeper account and many sponsors  are now adding into their rules they won't entertain sweepers'entries.

Instagram Followers for Giveaways

How to Get Instagram Followers for Giveaways 

1) Use your real name

One of the biggest mistakes on Instagram is having a handle that tells people what you are there for. It automatically makes your account one that people don't want to follow. Using works like wins, giveaways, contest, prizes and so forth in your name is like a beacon telling others to avoid your account to avoid spam. 

You can never go wrong using your real authentic name. 

2) Make Your Account One People Want to Follow

If you only post giveaways that have asked you to share, or posts of prizes you aren't going to gain any real followers. You will gain a ton of spam bots waiting to hack your account. 

Post pictures of your actual life. Photos of things you do, photos of your pets and so forth. Re-posting (Re-gramming)  a brands giveaway is a tricky slope. Your Instagram account is your rel-estate, don't rent it out free for brands unless you really really want to win a prize, and even then the odds are low because they are asking thousands of their followers to do the same.  

3) Have Genuine Followers 

Genuine followers are people who follow you organically. Not people you have found in a contest group or forum who only follow you to be able to tag you. You want/need followers that will engage with your content. People who will like and comment on your posts.  Gaining followers just to tag in giveaways does you zero benefit. 

NOTE: Having a handful of giveaway friends that you actually know is great. But a handful is where you should stop. If all your followers are only following you to tag you and for you to tag them with no other interaction, in time Instagram will flag your account as a spam account.  

4) Have a Description in Your BIO

Complete your bio information and make it attractive. Put a few details about yourself so people know who they are about to follow.  Changing this often to match the seasons or holidays is a great idea too. 


5) Use all Instagram's Formats

Just using the post function is not enough. Make sure to use all 4 formats to find new followers. 

  • Stories - Great spot to share giveaways to gain entries. If you are sharing local giveaways to you, then make sure to add text to your story with a notice that this is a local giveaway only. Don't lead your followers to something they can't even enter. 
  • Feed Post - Posting at least 1 photo a day is the best way to build a following. 3 Posts is much better but even aim for one photo post a day. 
  • Reels - Upload short videos of things like a family outing or a fun moment in your day. 
  • Lives - Going live is something most people don't enjoy much. But lives can draw in many new followers who like what you post. 

6) Use Hashtags 

Hashtags and a lot like search words to Google. They draw people with the same interests as yours to your profile. Use the proper hashtags that match what you have posted. 

AVOID using banned hashtags. Yes there are Hashtags Instagram penalises you for using. This article has a complete list of banned 2023 Hashtags you should avoid. Can you believe #beautyblogger is a banned Hashtag? It is! Now if the plural is used of that Hashtag it works. So be careful how you use your Hashtags. 👇👇

Beauty Blogger banned hashtag

How NOT to get Instagram Followers

As an admin of a contest group I can tell you that every single Facebook group has bot accounts in it. There is no escaping it. And as much as many Facebook group moderators want to convince you, not their group that is just false. Bot accounts don't need to have your Instagram handle. Not everyone is a safe person in any online forum you are a part of. 

Find your followers the real way and you will benefit from it. 

In my Facebook contesting group I no longer allow tag me posts where people share their Instagram handles to gain followers. When I did allow this in the group, accounts were being hacked. People were just tagging those accounts yet not following them which is very much spam! So now to keep peoples accounts safe we never allow those spammy posts. Always find your followers organically. 

Make real friendships with people in the hobby and ask if you can follow them for tagging in giveaways. Friendships can go a long way in this hobby. 

Other Instagram Tips and Help

Wishing You Good Luck!