Your Instagram Account Should it Be Private or Public for Entering Giveaways?

 Instagram is a platform I get asked so many questions about. How to enter Instagram giveaways, how does it really work, and does my account have to be public to win prizes?

This is a question with no really clear answer. So I will break it down for you and you can then decide whether your account should be public or private. 

It really boils down to what giveaways you are entering on Instagram. Simple as that. 

Public or Private Instagram Account for Entering Giveaways

Instagram Account Private or Public for Entering Giveaways

PROS of Having a Public Instagram Account

  • Entering photo giveaways that you tag and hashtag must be public
  • Your posts get more likes from non-followers and they never follow
  • You gain more followers (Also a con)
  • Anyone in the world sees your posts

Cons of Having a Public Instagram

  • Your privacy goes out the window
  • Higher chances of being hacked
  • You can't pick and choose what information on your profile stays private
  • Bot accounts follow you
  • Your images get stolen by other giveaway contestants. 
  • Your entire feed can be cloned 
  • You gain fake followers who really never care about whats in your feed

Do You Need a Public Instagram Account to Win Prizes?

Not at all. So many people like to give advice about needing to have your account public or you won't win. This couldn't be furthest from the truth. 

NOTE: The exception to this is if your focus is baking, cooking and decorating giveaways. These giveaways almost always ask you to post photos of your creation and to use particular hashtags and to tag them. Giveaways of this nature definitely need your account to be set to public. This is where I suggest having a separate account for only those giveaways. 

I have won some of my largest prizes in Instagram giveaways with my account set to private. I personally don't enter the creative giveaways, well simple because I am not nearly as creative as others. ( LOL).  I do follow many creative contesters and their feeds are amazing to follow! 

Remember : 👉Almost every giveaway allows you to screenshot your private post and send it to them to be included as an entry. I have won a years worth of hair dye, kitchen appliances, gift cards and more using this method. I have never run into any sponsor that said no sorry your account has to be public. 

Everyone's contest hobby is different. Everyone has their own type of giveaways they are drawn to and enjoy more above others. So the question should my account be private or public is really a personal one.

I have my Instagram account private. I am not looking to grow my account with mega followers. It's my everyday account that I use for personal posts as well as my contest wins. It works for me, but it may not be ideal for you.  

A funny but weird tidbit - Human nature is to not feel left out. Many people feel like they gain way more legit followers by having a private account. When people can't see what's in your feed, they tend to send a request to follow. With a public account they come to look and leave and never follow. Human nature is funny eh?

Good luck in everything you enter! And remember everyone's way of doing this hobby is unique. Embrace yours!

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Wishing You Good Luck!