Everything About Instagram Tagging for Giveaway Entries



With all the Instagram giveaways that say tag a friend to enter comes so many questions and even etiquette questions. This post is going to touch on a few questions I get asked most about. 

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Instagram Tagging (What's the Point?) 

Instagram giveaways often ask you to tag a friend or two or three to spread the word about their brand and to gain more followers. When you tag someone they get a notification and can come on over to see what you wanted to show them. 

You tag a friend and you gain an entry in to win. 

Tagging Limits (Set by Instagram) 

With giveaways that allow you to tag more than one friend you need to be careful not to hit the limit and get yourself banned or put in time out for a few days. It can be so frustrating to not be able to enter anything because you pissed off Instagram.

The tagging limit is 20 accounts per post. If you want to tag more than that, wait 24 hours and use the Instagram save feature so you can easily come back and find the giveaway post again. You can read here about all the different things that can get you banned on Instagram

Why do I Get Tagged in Stuff I Can't Enter? 

With entering giveaways and this fun hobby of entering contests comes helping others. Oftentimes you will get tagged in a giveaway that may not be open to your province or is local to the tagger. Don't take offence to this or get upset. You are helping someone else get an entry in. What goes around comes around when entering to win. 

Just make sure to read the post you are tagged in, in full to see if you are eligible to enter. If not then move on. At least the person entering has a chance to win. 

Tagging or Being Tagged by Non Followers

If you are going to tag someone in a giveaway make sure you are following them first. This is part of good etiquette in the contest world.  

Likewise if someone tags you make sure they are a follower. It's simply just polite to be following if you are going to gain an entry by using someone else's account as an entry. 

Where can I find people to tag? 

Having a circle or tribe as I like to call it of giveaway lovers is the best way to have people to tag. The Good Vibrations group run by the Contest Queen has a tagging Tuesday post that helps people find giveaway tagging buddies. It's good for both Canada and the United States. Please note : The Good Vibrations group is not a group to share giveaways and contests, it's about inspiration and encouragement to winning and sharing prizes. So please don't join the group without pure intentions. 

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The Tag Notifications Are Driving Me Crazy

With entering giveaways comes a ton of notifications. They can absolutely drive you nuts if your phone is constantly dinging. Instagram allows you to turn off those notifications for different periods of time. The notifications will still be there when you sign into your Instagram account they just wont be pushed to your phone. 

  • Go to your account
  • Click the 3 small lines at the top right
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Notifications
  • Turn on Pause All
  • Pick the amount of time you want to pause

Wishing You Good Luck!