IOGO Instant Prizes of Indigo Gift Cards (What I ordered)

 IOGO Prize Wins


Did you win some prizes in the IOGO instant win contest? I did and the prizes came by email this morning! 

I won (3) $30 Indigo gift cards in the first 3 days of the contest. 

TIP: For contests like the IOGO instant win contest the rules state that prizes diminish as they are won. With a contest like this prizes go fast! It's always smart to enter every day early on in a contest like this because they don't stagger the prizes until the end date. I entered everyday between 3-4 AM Est and won a $30 each day for the first 3 days of the contest. I will not I haven't won a single prize since. Which tells me most prizes are gone except the $1 coupon and maybe a couple free IOGO for a year prizes. 

I have learned from winning gift cards that I shouldn't hold onto them. So many different situations can come up that make the gift card useless if not used right away. 

So at 5 am this morning I sat with my coffee and spent my $90 in Indigo gift cards. Best part of Indigo is not having to wait for it to be shipped. It can be picked up in store. Patience isn't my strong suit so this excites me. 🤣

When I win gift cards to any store I always head to the sale or clearance section first. Making a prize gift card go as far as it can is a huge bonus. 

What I Picked With the Gift Cards

  • Micro Greens Growing Kit
  • Mini Tin Candle Crackling Firewood Ember
  • Mini Tin Candle Spiced Vanilla & Cashmere x 4
  • Cutie Cup Cat Grass Growing Kit x 2
  • Hot Wheels Cars x 2 
Candles always make a great gift. I used the majority of gift cards won in contests towards gifts saving me a small fortune around the holidays.

Wishing You Good Luck!