Important Notes about the Schick Instant Win Seeded Contest

 Schick Win $10,000 to Chase Your Dream Contest


Schick has run this instant win contest a few years in a row now. It's a great contest but before you go out and spend a small fortune on Schick products to enter this contest there are a couple things in the rules to note. 

There is nothing worse than seeing someone miss out on a prize because the rules weren't understood. So let's talk about the 2 important points. 

With the Schick contest there is a grand prize of $10,000 and 1400 $100 instant win prizes. 

 #1 The Receipt 


Keep the receipt! They aren't joking when they say in the rules they may ask for the receipt. If you are a winner they may ask for it. When I won an instant prize in this contest last year they asked for my receipt again with my claim forms. If you win the grand prize they will definitely be asking for that receipt.  

If you are going to enter more than once make sure to write on the back of your receipt the date you entered. Hold onto it until the end of October 2023. They are slow to contact winners. 

#2 Seeding of Winners


This instant win contest is not based on time of entry! So with this one you don't need to worry about being up at the odd hours I have always recommended for instant win contests. The winning entries are already pre-determined. The odds are 1 in 68 to be a winner BUT only at the onset of the contest. As times go by the odds lower. 

You can find the Schick instant win contest posted on the instant wins page.

Wishing You Good Luck!