Has Your Contest Email Been Hacked? Check it Now!

 Find Out if your Contest Email has Been Hacked


Having your email hacked is super common. Especially if you aren't staying on top of keeping it secure. When entering contests online it's easy to get duped into giving your email to not so savoury websites and that leaves your email vulnerable to hackers. 

The most common way to have your email account hacked is by signing up for fake freebies or scam freebies that sell off your information. 

The scariest part is that you are probably not even aware of your email account being hacked, and the scammers are able to see all your emails whenever they want. 

Telus has a quick and efficient way for you to check if your email has been hacked and exposed to identity theft.  Enter your email and see if your email is as safe as you think. If it shows you have been exposed to hackers immediately change all your passwords and set up 2 step authentication. 

There is no certain email that is safer than others. I personally use Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo for all my contest entering. An email is only safe if you do your own due diligence to keep it safe. 

Wishing You Good Luck!