6 Tips For Entering Instagram Sweepstakes Over the Holiday Season

 Holiday Instagram Giveaway Tips

Instagram giveaways are ramping up and there are so many amazing prizes to be won from brands and influencers we love! But with all the giveaways comes some hindrance thanks to Instagram putting limits on actions on Instagram. Here are some tips for entering giveaways on Instagram during the holiday giveaway rush. 

1. Be Picky Not Greedy

Put the greed away over the holiday rush of Instagram giveaways and get super picky about what you enter. Focus on prizes you really want to win. Limiting your entries to things you really want to win will keep you out of Instagram jail.

With the holiday sweepstakes rush you want to avoid your Instagram account looking like a sweeper account. 5 Ways to avoid looking like a sweeper account.

2. Use the Save Feature

The save feature on Instagram is one of my favourite features. It makes it so easy to go back and do a daily entry and more tags. Or to check back on the end date to see who the lucky winner was and make sure I didn't miss a tag notification. 

When you come to a giveaway post and are going to enter click the save button on the bottom right. 

Once you click on the save button you are now going to fill out the information in the pop up like below. You can name your collection of saves anything you want. You can also choose to share it with friends on Instagram. 


Saving posts to  a collection is great but then how do you find everything you have saved? It's super simple to find all your saved giveaway posts. 

Go to your hamburger menu at the top right of your app and open up the options like pictured below. Then scroll down to Saved. This will open all the Instagram sweepstakes you have saved. 


3. Avoid Being Instagram Banned 

Instagram has set limits for every action in their platform. When holiday sweepstake season amps up people are finding themselves banned for days for entering giveaways. It's super easy to avoid if you pay attention to how many actions you take and avoid looking like a spam or bot account. 

Here are just a few ways to avoid being banned during the busiest season on Instagram: 
  • Don't tag every friend you have in any giveaway. Pick a few and then use the save function from #2 and come back later to do more tagging. 
  • Don't tag the same accounts in every giveaway you enter. 
  • Do more than just tag accounts. Leave a valuable comment with your tags.
  • Don't tag people you don't follow. If the person you tagged clicks report on the comment you will get banned. 
  • Post on your own feed daily. If you only use Instagram to tag people in giveaways and never post to your own feed your account is seen as a spam account. 
  • Avoid using banned words on Instagram in your comments or hashtags. Yes there are words that are banned and could land you in Instagram jail. Here is a great article with the 2023 Banned words on Instagram. 
  • Tag no more than 5 people at a time while on Instagram. Walk away from the app after 15 minutes and enter other giveaways. Constant tagging of accounts will make your account look like a bot and you will end up banned.
  • Read the full article on how to avoid being banned on Instagram

4. Act Human on Instagram

Make sure to actually use your Instagram account and not just tag tag tag like a crazy person. Yes we see you, the person who just goes insane tagging everyone under the sun without reading what you are entering. 

Interact with accounts other than just entering their giveaways. Make sure you are posting to your feed at least 3 times a week to avoid looking like a spam or bot account. Post pictures you took and that fit the season we are in. 

5. Finding Giveaways on Instagram to Enter

Don't follow the crowd and enter everything everyone else is entering. Just because you are tagged in a giveaway doesn't mean that you have to run and enter them too. Search out giveaways and sweepstakes to enter on your own. 

There are ways to get Instagram to show you more giveaways in your feed as well. 

Search out all your local businesses because so many will be having giveaways during the upcoming holiday season. Start interacting with them before the giveaways start. 

6. Emojis in Instagram Comments

Use emojis! Don't use more than 2 in a comment or you could get yourself hit with a spam ban. But using 1 or two is a great way to get your comment noticed. A well placed emoji can go a long way. Make sure your emoji actually matches the topic of your comment as well. 

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Wishing You Good Luck!