How to Unfollow Numerous Accounts on Instagram without Getting Banned

 Unfollowing Accounts on Instagram

If you are an Instagram giveaway lover, then you know hitting your limit of accounts you can follow can be frustrating. But you can't just start unfollowing a mass amount of accounts right away because Instagram will see this as a bot and ban your account very fast. 

Instagram does have all their rules set out in their user agreement, but people tend not to read it in full when making their accounts. 

Instagram can be a tricky spot for many giveaway lovers. They find themselves sitting in Instagram jail quite often and can miss out on many fun giveaways.

The limit of accounts you can follow is 7500. 

How to Avoid a Ban for Unfollowing IG Accounts

The limit for unfollowing accounts on Instagram is around 200 per day. That 200 is counted with follows and unfollows.  BUT, don't get close to that or you will find yourself sitting in an Instagram jail situation. 

When you go to unfollow accounts you no longer have interest in following do it slowly. 

Don't worry if your following numbers don't go down instantly. It takes Instagram 24-48 hours to update your follow count. 

Wishing You Good Luck!