Will Using RoboForm Help Me Win More Prizes in Contests?



I get lots of messages about Roboform and questions like "Will it help me win?" 

The short and very honest answer in my opinion is NO

It can get confusing for someone who has just started in this fun hobby of contest entering when they read they need these paid programs to increase their chances of winning. 

Here on the Contest Library I am all about honesty and transparency. With years of winning prizes under my belt I share the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to this hobby. I don't sugar coat and I never want to see people put out their hard earned money on things that are just not needed to be a winner in this hobby. 

What is Roboform? 

It's a program that stores your passwords and logs you in with a single click.  You can also make folders and organise your sweepstakes with their passwords. 

Why You Don't Need Roboform

As with all content here on the Contest Library these are my takes on the hobby which I have been very successful at. I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes and never once needed to pay for any kind of service to be successful. 

#1 Failed to protect credentials 

In 2020 University of York researchers did a study and found that the top 5 password manager programs were not as safe as they claim to be. Roboform was 1 of those 5 that they were able to show is not as safe as it claims to be. You can read that study here. To skip to their findings about Roboform click CTRL & F at the same time. A search bar will pop up and you type in Roboform in that search bar. Click enter to move through the study to find all the places Roboform is discussed.

#2 Your computer or cell phone do just the same

Using Google Auto fill to complete entry forms is super easy and fast. The best part is it's totally free! If you have more than one adult in your home entering contests you can also set up Autofill for them to make for faster entering of contests. Google Autofill can also be used across all your devices unlike Roboform.

#3 So few contests require passwords

There are not many contests you will come across that need a password. For those that do it's super simple to pick one password for all your contest entering and then you don't forget it. Don't use the same password for contest entering that you would use for things like your banking or credit cards. Pick a fun but hard to guess password just for contests. 

Using Google Autofill is free and super easy to use. 

#4 Do I need Roboform to Organise contests?

Not a chance. You can easily make a spreadsheet just for you and add all your daily contests and reminders about contests in it. Every seasoned contester  has their own way of keeping track of their must enter contests. 

Some make folders on their laptops in Google, others use their Facebook accounts and add them to a post set to ONLY YOU privacy. Many use their cell phone notepads to keep the information. I personally use a super easy spreadsheet and it has never failed me yet. Best part is that it is FREE!

You can make a copy of my own current contest spreadsheet and just start filling it with the contests you are entering. Just click Make a copy.

#5 Saving Money While Entering Contests

I am sure you watch the news and see that prices for everything are soaring. The entire point of entering contests is to win prizes we may not be able to afford at the moment. You can win amazing prizes without ever spending a cent on this hobby. Don't ever feel you won't win if you don't spend. All contests have a no purchase needed entry option for a reason. You truly never have to spend to win.

I asked my contesting group that is filled with winners that are winning prizes everyday if they felt the need to pay for services like Roboform. 👇👇👇

Roboform Poll

Happy contesting! Good luck in everything you enter! 🍀

Wishing You Good Luck!