How to Spot Fake Giveaways on Instagram

 Instagram giveaways are super fun to enter, and you find new brands to love and use. There are always giveaways running on Instagram and they amp up during holiday dates. But with all things good comes a few bad. While scrolling through Instagram you will most likely come across a giveaway fake. 

I do want to point out there are not many fake giveaways on Instagram as there are fake winner messages and notifications. Most giveaways are legit even if they are run poorly. Sometimes people just don't know how to run a proper giveaway. Patience and kindness goes a very long way in this hobby. 


How to Spot a Fake Instagram Giveaway

Knowing how to spot a fake quickly is going to save you time and hassle. Fake giveaways are often set up only to get information from you, or gain likes as fast as they can. This article is going to make you confident in your fake giveaway spotting skill. 

1. Date of account creation

If an Instagram account is brand new and all of a sudden they are having a massive giveaway with tons of prizes, you are best to ignore and move on. 

2. Follower Count on the Instagram Giveaway Profile

If there are next to no followers be vigilant about entering a giveaway on the account. Even though having a giveaway is a great way for a new account to get followers, most legitimate brands or bloggers don't work that way. They gain a following and then celebrate with a giveaway when they hit milestones. 

3. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

This is a big one to watch for. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar are a sign of a translated caption and no real care going into the post. This is a sign the giveaway might not be legit and is a fake. Check all the other tips here along with the spelling before entering. 

4. Large Well Known Brand Instagram Giveaways

We all love when the brands we use have an Instagram giveaway. Free products are something you never get sick of getting. BUT if you come across an account with a large brand name and it's not a verified account you know it's a fake. Also check all the other points in this article to double check. Brands like Loblaws  and No Frills will have verified accounts. 

5. Irrelevant Hashtags 

If you come across a giveaway and it has hundreds of hashtags and many seem to have nothing to do with the giveaway, you have spotted a fake. 

6. Responses to Messages 

If you message an Instagram account and they never respond to your question about their giveaway odds are it's one you are going to want to pass on. 

7. Tons of bot comments

If you see a ton of bot comments on a giveaway from fake accounts and with comments that have nothing to do with the giveaway, avoid these. A legitimate account holding a giveaway would deal with those right away by deleting and banning those accounts. If they aren't the giveaway is probably not legit. 

How to Know a Winning Notification or Message is legit

This is one of the most asked questions and it's a great one. 

This is where the scammers rear their ugly heads the most! If you ever get any type of message or comment response asking you to register for anything, you are being scammed. 

Winning a prize means you have won. You don't need to register or give a credit card for any purpose ever. Always double check that the message is from the actual account you entered on. 

Using the save feature on Instagram is a great way to save all the legitimate giveaways you entered. You can go back and see if winners were picked, or any warnings from the main account about scammers. 

Instagram is a lot of fun. If you are new to entering giveaways on the platform make sure to read these : 

Wishing You Good Luck!