How to Know if You Won a Prize on Social Media

You Won on Social Media - But How Will You Know?


Winning a prize on different social media channels and not knowing about it can cost you a prize. With so many contests running on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok it can be confusing to know how you will be notified if you are a winner.

Each platform is slightly different and you can get winner notifications in various ways. Many of us, myself included have missed a winning email or winner notification and it's the worst feeling.

I am going to explain each platform and how you can check for winner notifications. If you won a prize on a social media platform this is how to find out. Rules and regulations usually explain how winners will be contacted, but some social media contests don't add that information in.

Phone calls aren't a thing of the past either.Just last week I got a phone call from a Cheerios contest about a prize I won.

TIP: Don't expect others to watch for prize wins with your name. Take control of your own hobby and be on the lookout for your wins. Often new contest lovers will turn to others to do their leg work. Don't take time away from your own hobby for others. 

Contests Based On Websites & Blogs

Remember to read the rules to see if they disclose how winners will be contacted. Generally contests you enter on a website or blog or going to email their winners. Some may even call you, to make sure you are a legit person. Checking your emails daily and searching for contest winner emails is the best way to not miss out on a prize. Checking with the original contest page or post is another way to see if a winner's name has been posted publicly.

Twitter Winner Notifications

On Twitter re-tweet contests and comment to win contests don't have your email or phone number. So they are limited to contacting you on the Twitter platform when you win a prize. Sometimes they will contact you by DM - Direct message om Twitter. Other times you will be notified of a prize win with a tweet.

You need to sign in often and check your notifications. The odd time a sponsor will just tweet your name but not actually tag you. It's wise to check back and check their social media channels for the winner tweets.

Instagram Winner Notifications

Instagram winner notifications can be easy to miss. Some sponsors just put the winners name in a story that probably won't be seen. Check your notifications on Instagram to see if you have been tagged by the sponsor. They can also send you private messages about being a prize winner. Watch for notifications for message requests as well. Brands and business accounts that have no personal connection to you messages will end up there. Not in your mail message box.

If you want to make sure you are getting prize winner messages on Instagram make sure your settings are the correct way. You need to go to your settings, then Privacy and then scroll down to messages. Make sure to turn on Everyone under the Allow New Message Requests.

Facebook Prize Winner Notifications

There are numerous ways you could get notified if you win a prize on Facebook.

  • Private message to your inbox
  • Responding to your comment entry (will be in notifications)
  • Make a winner post and tag you in it.
  • Make a winner post and not tag you in it and you may miss it.
  • Announce the winner in the page's story - Good chance of missing it.
  • Tagging you in a comment on the contest/giveaway post

With private messages declaring you a winner, you need to do some checking first to make sure it's legit before giving out your information. Profile cloning scams are everywhere it can be hard to spot one sometimes. If you get a winner private message on Facebook, don't respond that second. Visit the page you entered the contest on. Make sure it's a legitimate one with full about information or a blue check mark. Message the page from their page, this way you can see instantly if they are the ones who actually sent you the winner message. If they did you will see their message as you are typing yours to them. If there is no message from them as you get ready to message them, odds are it's a fake cloned page.

TikTok Winner Notifications

TikTok has contests from time to time which involve you uploading a video for a contest entry. Being notified as a winner can happen a few ways.

  • A private message to your TikTok account
  • Leaving a comment on your video you entered with
  • By posting your winning video on their account with a tag.

Last Few Tips to Knowing If You Won a Prize

Searching your name in the Facebook search bar can sometimes bring up winner announcements you may not have been tagged in.

Searching your name on Google and the word winner before or after your name can bring up winner announcements too.

Search your name on Twitter in the search bar. If you have been announced as a winner the tweets will come up.

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!