25 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning Prizes

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Among the tons of tips here on Contest Library increasing your chances of winning is always the top tip that new contest participants are looking for. 

25 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning Prizes

1. Focus on your own hobby

One of the biggest mistakes made when you start entering contests, is being concerned about what everyone else is entering. Focus on contests that offer prizes that you want to win. Spend more time finding contests open to you to enter than seeing what others are entering. 

2. Positive mind and attitude

Keep a positive mind and attitude in all areas of your life. When you live with an optimistic mindset you attract positive things naturally. Enter every contest with the positive attitude and the mindset that you are going to win a prize. 

3. Have a contest tribe

Having friends and family who like winning prizes too as your tribe helps so much when entering to win prizes. Pick a handful (10 -15) people you trust and like (lol) to be your tribe. Your tribe will be the people you consistently tag in contests, share referral contests with and draw encouragement from. 

4. Rethink your email address

Having a catch email address and a dedicated one can increase your chances of winning prizes. Using your everyday email you can easily miss out on high value prizes. Trust me it happens and it happens a lot. Pick an email that you will only use for entering contests to eliminate the chances of missing out on a prize win. 

5. Have multiple social media accounts

If you want to really open up your odds of winning prizes don't limit yourself to one single platform. You don't have to post on all of them, but having them is a good idea. Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are must haves for increasing your chances of winning. 

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6. Don't enter contests posted on freebie pages/groups

If you come across a contest posted on a freebie or coupon page don't enter it from there. The majority of freebie pages and groups are using their own personal referral links. This lowers your odds of winning when you use their dirty links. Google the contest or check a reputable contest aggregate websites if you can't find the contest with a Google search. 

With over a decade under my belt of entering contests and claiming free offers, I have yet to come across a single coupon or freebie page that doesn't post dirty links and mislead their readers. Just beware when entering contests posted on them. 

7. Join reputable contest groups on FB

Joining a contest group can really help increase your chances of winning prizes. You get tips from other contest lovers that have worked for them. You also can find UPC codes for contests, and help when it comes to glitches while entering contests. 

9. Only spend money on products not info 

The one thing we all know is that everything we ever need to learn is online free. Don't waste money paying to learn to entering and or win contests. Save that money and use it towards purchasing products that could win you an amazing prize like the Samsung prize I won with a receipt contest. 

Everything you ever need to know about entering contests online and increasing your odds of winning can be found online and in contest groups. 

10. Sweep your email 2 x a Day

Missing out on a prize because you missed the winner email can be so disappointing. Don't let it happen to you. Check your emails minimum twice a day. Winner emails usually come with a time limited response request. If you miss that deadline you lose out on a prize. 

11. Accept Losing

Often if someone doesn't win a prize after entering a few contests they give up. This is a big mistake. Accept losing because it is all a part of winning. Stick with it and enter more contests. The more you enter the better chances you have of winning prizes more often. 

12.  Pick a Contest Type to Focus On

When you are first starting to enter contests you can get swept up in the excitement and waste a ton of time trying to enter everything you see online. 

Pick a type of contest that you want to focus on. 

Suggestions of types of contests : 

  • Instant win contests
  • Local contests
  • Website form contests
  • Receipt contests
  • UPC contests
  • Instagram giveaways
  • Twitter giveaway
  • TikTok giveaways
  • Comment to win giveaways
  • Cooking contests
  • Photo posting contests
  • Pin code contests
Focusing on one or two of the above suggestions consistently for a couple months at a time can really hone your skills of winning prizes. Many winners who win often have a few they really enjoy and they put all their effort into those, yielding more prizes. 

13. Setup Auto Fill

Saving time is important to all of us. Take a few minutes and set up Google Autofill. Complete all your information and even complete one for your spouse. This will make filling out contest entry forms much easier and faster to complete. 

14. Grab yourself some lucky charms

I am not a big believer in luck, but I do have a ton of lucky charms around my home so that I can remember I want to feel fortunate and be a lucky winner. I have everything from small trinkets to good luck Care Bears and other items that many cultures consider lucky for their own various reasons. 

A favourite cup of mine is the four leaf clover coffee mug. You can grab it on Amazon here or click on the image. Please see disclosure at the top of this page.

15. Read books about winning 

If you are looking to really boost your contest hobby, reading books about winning and attracting luck is a great resource. Many contesters have read the following books and have accredited their more recent wins to what they learned from a few hours of relaxing with a great book. 

Books I have added to my faves on Amazon

16. Only enter legitimate online contests

Not every contest you come across is going to be legit. If you can't find rules anywhere it may be one to pass up on. If the website is cluttered with ads and then just an entry form it may be one to pass on. 

If you have doubts about a contest do a Google search to see what results come up. You can find out fairly easily if it's a legit contest or not. 

17. Enter contests with 10 + prizes

Contests with more prizes to be given away means better odds of winning one of those prizes. Put effort into the contests that have a minimum 10 prizes to give away. Large brands have so many contests every year with thousands of prizes. Don't pass up the chance to enter those. 

18. Read the rules

Rules can be long and tedious. You should make sure to read them and check for certain information right away. Things such as end date, who the contest is open to, amount of prizes and description of prize and value, limits of entry, and when winners will be picked. 

19. Disable adblockers

Ad blockers will cost you an instant win every time. Even contests without instant win prizes make have a pop up for you to confirm you are not a robot that can be blocked by your ad blockers and pop-up blockers. 

20. Think realistically

Don't enter contests thinking that after the second or third contest you enter you should have won a prize already. No one ever wins every contest they enter. If you have been entering contests for only a few weeks and haven't won a prize, your turn is coming. Winners can be picked weeks and even a month after a contest ends. The more you enter the more you win. Consistent entering into legitimate contests will pay off.  

21. Start saying yes to receipts

When you are cashing out of almost any grocery store you are offered your receipt. Or at self check-out the receipt prints for you. Get into the habit of keeping those receipts. Not only can almost all receipts nowadays be entered into that store's survey contest, there could be a receipt contest running online. Receipt contests are among the easiest contests to win prizes with. See a list of some of the receipt customer service contests that are open to Canada.

22. Use Apps

Sports app are amazing places to win prizes and consistently. in 2021 and 2022 I won so many free tickets to Raptors games and Toronto Maple Leaf games. I won free meals, sports merchandise and gift cards too. There are always contests running in major league team apps. Basketball, hockey and baseball are the best apps to download. You can pick your team and enter the contests and promotions there. Check it often, new contests are released all the time especially during peak sport seasons. 

23. Learn your community

Many small businesses in your own local community have social media pages. This means they run promotions. While out and about at small businesses ask them for their social media pages so you can follow them. You can also do searches on Instagram and Facebook for their pages. These are great ways to increase your chances of winning prizes because they are open to your local area.

24. Mall newsletters

Any mall within driving distance from you is worth having an email subscription too. You will get emails whenever there are contests running at the mall or the stores themselves inside the mall. Sign up for your mall emails and watch for the next contest. These are generally entered by locals to the mall because prizes have to be picked up in person. This increases your chances of winning prizes. 

25. Make your prize bucket list

Your prize bucket list can really keep you focused on the prizes you want to win. 

Wishing You Good Luck!