Receipt Contest Tip That Has Won Me Yet Another High Value Prize

I won the Snacktion Contest Grand Prize Using This Tip

Receipt contests are among my favourite contests to enter. Just last week I got the exciting winning email that I was 1 of 10 lucky winners in Canada to win the Snacktion contest. This is just one of many receipt contests I have won grand prizes in.  

The grand prize is: 

  • Samsung 65" QN900B Neo QLED 8K Smart TV- $6299
  • Samsung Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q910B -$1799
  • $1200 CAD payable in the form of gift cards and/or a cheque to help cover costs associated with cable and/or streaming app services.
  • $700 CAD payable in the form of gift cards and/or a cheque to help pay for Home Installation & Setup services.
As soon as this amazing prize arrives I will share the pictures in my Facebook group and on Instagram. 

So this contest was a receipt contest and like others it has the limit of entries you can gain during the contest. The information in the rules is key to winning contests like these. 

The rules stipulated that you could only gain a total of 10 entries per person. Only one person from your home could enter. You needed 3 products to equal 1 entry. So in total 30 products to get the full entries you were allowed. You may be thinking holy smokes! That's a lot of products to just enter a contest! But if you break it down, I spent a total of $40 and WON a $10,000 prize! Seems like better odds than buying lottery tickets! 

Receipt Contest Tip

When you come across a receipt contest that has weekly draws + an entry limit, you can increase your chances of winning. Even without the entry limit the weekly draws should catch your attention. Here's why...

When there is a weekly draw in a contest, you should aim to have all your entries in on the first round of the draws. This means you have the maximum entries for each and every draw of the contest. Staggering your receipt entries for a contest like this lowers your chances of winning. 

I will say that only do this if the prizes are what you really want to win. If a contest is offering a prize I have only a small interest in, I may only enter once. 

Trying all different types of contests can really pay off. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is really worth it.

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Wishing You Good Luck!