How to Enter Receipt Contests Online

Receipt contests are a great way to get started with contesting. Many have some of the best odds of winning prizes for a newbie starting out. But as with any hobby when you are new, you need some tips to doing it.

You can always find a brand that is giving away prizes for a receipt upload. Often times the prizes are amazing too. If this is your first time entering a receipt contest, you for sure have some questions.

Receipt Contests

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How to Enter a Receipt Contest

The first thing you should start doing, is holding on to receipts. Not only do they have chances to win on them, they could be winning you prizes.

I am a huge lover of receipt contests so the best ones always get shared here on the blog. Check back often to see if another one is running. Once you pick the receipt promotion you want to enter, make sure to read the rules of the contest. You are going to be checking for how many products per receipt you will need.

Example: You want to enter a receipt contest like the 1000 Free LED Space Jam Instant win contest. This contest only allows you to gain 1 single entry per receipt no matter how many products you bought. So if you want to enter more than once, you need to separate your order at the store and get 2 separate receipts for 2 entries. Each contest will outline in their rules how they are running their promotion.

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Entering receipt contests is easier than you think. Check out my shopping list for contests to see which ones you want to enter.

How to Upload a Contest Receipt

TIP: Have your picture of your receipt ready before heading to the contest website. Follow the steps below before entering your receipt.

When it comes to uploading a receipt for a contest entry, it needs to be very clear. You need to make sure the entire receipt is in the picture. This means right to the bottom of the receipt.

Things that need to be seen on the receipt : Date, store name, UPC (if a UPC contest) , product name.

Three Ways to Upload a Receipt

Uploading a receipt can easily done from a cell phone. Make sure to have lots of light behind you when snapping a picture of your receipt. Once you have taken your picture you can edit it, with your phones options. I suggest cropping it so that only the receipt is visible in the picture. Completely crop out any background from your image.

If you have a printer/scanner, scanning a receipt in ensures that it is clear and it saves editing time.

You can use apps such as Adobe Scan. It is offered for Android and Apple products.

What To Do After Entering Your Receipt

Being a contester for years and years has taught me to hold onto receipts. After you upload your receipt, don't just throw it out. If you win a prize in the contest you entered and have claimed your prize, you can throw away your receipt. But if you haven't hold onto it. I have gotten emails up to 6 months after a contests end to claim a prize. There is always a chance that the sponsor will ask for the receipt.

With the majority of receipt upload contests you will get an email confirming that they got your receipt. Your receipt will be double checked so make sure your products match the ones eligible for the contest you are entering. Some contests may not email you, (even though they should). So if after a week you haven't received any confirmation of your receipt being entered, email the sponsor to confirm your email was approved.

When is the Best Time of Day to Enter a Receipt Contest?

When it comes to receipt instant win contests, I have had the best luck super early in the AM before 6 am, or after 11 PM Est. You have to find your lucky time of day for your chance to win.

For receipt contests that are done by draw or random winners being picked, time of day doesn't matter.

TIP: When entering a receipt contest, I enter 3 times. Once at the very start of the contest, once in the middle and once on the very last day of the contest. I may enter more often, but I make sure to get those 3 slots of entries in.

There is almost always a no purchase needed option for entering receipt upload contests. Make sure to check the rules for that option if you don't want to purchase the product.

Good luck!

Wishing You Good Luck!