The Number One Reason Some People Never Win Prizes

So often you hear people say, "I just can't win! I have never won a prize and I will never win"! I used to be so confused by these statements because it's really not that hard at all to win prizes. But then it hit me as I started a contest group and looked at peoples comments on giveaway posts. The reason people don't win, was staring me right in the face!!

People don't take the time to read anything. They just jump in, enter things not open to them, and don't have a clue about what's needed to actually win. It's sad really, because in this hobby without reading you might as well give up. Before you say well that's harsh! It's really not. It's honesty and more people should try it. 

Number 1 Reason You Don't Win Prizes


Whether it be a giveaway on social media or a website based contest. reading everything twice is a must. 

So often I share a contest with my contesting group on Facebook and I am amazed each and every time by the comments that show they never actually read the post at all! Hence why they don't win. And it sucks seeing it. The reason I started a blog about contests was to help people actually win! I saw so many "Liked & shared" comments from people wanting to win giveaways, yet their comment excluded them automatically from winning. 

What to look for in the rules of a contest

There are a few things you need to look for right away in the rules of a contest and even a properly run giveaway on social media. 

  • Start time and end time
  • Location the contest is open too
  • What requirements have to be met for a valid entry
  • How winners will be picked
  • When winners will be picked
Super simple things that tell you so much on how to enter and win a prize. 

When you come across a contest on a contest blog we are only sharing the bare minimum of the rules with our readers. It's up to YOU the person entering to fully read the rules before entering. 

I often save screenshots of the rules and regulations if it's a contest that really peaks my interest. It can be super easy to forget when you are entering hundreds of contests online. 

If you want to actually win prizes, your best chance is reading the rules in full before even entering once! 

Good luck in everything you enter! 

Wishing You Good Luck!