6 Things That Make me Pass On Entering a Contest or Giveaway

Contests I pass on entering

Before reading this remember I am just telling you what makes me pass on a contest or giveaway. This doesn't mean you should pass on them too. Everyone has their own way of contesting that works best for them.

For me there are some things that will make me just leave a contest page or giveaway and not enter.

6 Things that Make Me Not Enter a Contest or Giveaway

#1 International Giveaways & Contests

I don't enter contests that are international. I feel that my odds are too low for me to take the time to enter. I simply scroll by and move on to the next contest or giveaway.

There are rare Instagram giveaways that I may enter if the entries are low enough. I won a Foreo in an International contest, but there was 1000 prizes and low entries.

For me sticking to North America contests and giveaways works best.

#2 No Rules or Regulations

If I come across a contest or giveaway and there are no clear rules, I pass. I am not into the guessing game, or having to message and ask what the rules are. Time for me is precious and I just move on to a contest that has clear rules.

Rules are a must read for every contest. They have a wealth of information that can actually help you win a prize.

#3 One Small Prize

If there is only one small prize valued under $100, I don't stop to enter. After years of winning so many amazing prizes, I have gotten more selective. If there are 20,000 entries for a $20 Amazon gift card, I don't waste my time entering. I simply pass.

Picking contests and giveaways with better odds of winning is what I personally stick to.

#4 Giveaways with Unlimited Entries

When I see a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook that says unlimited entries welcome, I un-follow and don't enter. Giveaways like these are open doors to the fake accounts and scammers. Not only are your odds of winning almost nil, they are a waste of my time.

Sponsors having unlimited entry giveaways clearly can't pick an actual fair winner.

#5 Follow Everyone I Follow Giveaways

These are the ultimate turn off for me. If I am following an account that posts a giveaway asking to follow everyone they follow, I un-follow them and move on. Following every account someone else follows is just spammy. No real influencer want's fake follows. And with giveaways like this all you get is fake followers and scammers.

#6 Post to Your Instagram Feed Contests/Giveaways

There is a difference between sharing a post to your story vs putting it in your IG feed as a post. Any contest or giveaway that asks you to share a post into your feed, I walk away from. My Instagram feed is for my content, not for free advertising for a brand or account. If sharing to my story isn't sufficient then I don't enter.

Happy Contesting! 

Wishing You Good Luck!