How to Limit Your Instagram Stories to Only Your Contest Friends

 Hide Your Instagram Stories From Certain People


During the last Instagram holiday giveaway season many people dealt with sponsors of giveaways checking out their stories and questioning why they were all giveaways. As unprofessional as that is it's happening more and more. 

Giveaway sponsors tend to shy away from picking accounts as winners that seem like contest accounts or sweepers as some call them. 

I am going to show you today how to limit who sees you Instagram stories and how to block certain people from seeing them. Many of us have family and friends who really could care less about our contest hobby and we can save them from having to see our giveaway stories.  

Lets Make a Close Friends List on Instagram 

  • Click the 3 lines at the top right in your Instagram account
  • Scroll down to Close Friends
  • Add the friends you want to see your stories
Now that you have set your close friends list, go to stories and start the process of posting a story. You will see at the bottom before you post it that you can choose between two options. 


It's best to only add your contest friends to this list. 

Important tip: When you are sharing to your story for a giveaway entry, make sure to add that account for example Shopper's Drug Mart to the close friends list for that story to be seen by them as well. 
You can remove that brand or account when you share your next story for a different giveaway so they don't see that one as well, they will only see the one intended to get you an entry. This little effort can go a long way in your contest hobby. 

Happy Contesting! 

Wishing You Good Luck!