Canadian Single Entry Contests

Single entry contests open to Canadians! Check back daily for the latest one time entry contests, giveaways and sweepstakes.

One single entry could win you an amazing prize! Take a few minutes every day and get your one entry in for your chance to win prizes.


Canadian Contests Giveaways & Sweekstakes (One time entry) 

Single entry or otherwise called one time entry contests are time savers when you want to win prizes but have a busy schedule. It takes only a minute to enter the latest contests open to Canadians and then you can sit back and watch your emails for a winner email. Good luck in everything you enter

💥See the latest daily entry contests and instant win contests 

Clutch Shot Contest 

End Date : April 30, 2024- 2 prizes to be won. Both are trips the NBA games.

SN-1000HT + Swag Sweepstakes

End Date : January 31, 2024 - Win a guitar and a prize pack

Leon's Shopping Spree Contest

End Date : January 31, 2023 - Winner gets $2000 spending at Leon's

Win a River Cruise 

Contest dates : January 1, 2024- March 31, 2024. Win a 7 day cruise. 

Wonka Contest

End Date : January 24, 2024 - Open to ON, QC, NB, AB, BC . Prizes are framed piece and a $300 gift card. 

Wishing Wall Giveaway

End Date : January 31, 2024 - Prize is $1000 pre-paid gift card. 

ROM Death Exhibition Contest (ONTARIO ONLY)

End Date : April 7, 2024 - Prize is a themed prize pack and free membership to the ROM.



Wishing You Good Luck!