A Fun Contest Clean Sweep for Me! What Does it Mean?

 Contest Clean Sweep

I Got a Clean Sweep!

Do you know what a contest clean sweep is? 

It means winning every prize offered in the contest! A grand prize and the secondary prizes. 

The yearly Pepsi instant win contest is one of my very favourite contests. It's one I never miss a day to enter and I am a huge Pepsi lover which helps.  

For my instant win prizes I paid very close attention to times that others were winning and when my luckiest times were. When it comes to the grand prize all you can do is hope that your name gets drawn! 

I won every single one of the instant prizes to be won and then got the amazing email that I had WON a grand prize as well! Woohoo! A contest clean sweep! See the email below. 

Pepsi Contest Clean Sweep
How exciting is that!? So the grand prize was a trip for 2 to the United States to a concert with hotels and travel all paid for. As well as $1000 spending cash! BUT...

I actually turned down the grand prize so another winner could be picked. The reason being is my health doesn't allow me to leave the country. I could have chosen to claim the prize anyways to get the $1000 spending cash, but I have more integrity than that. I knew I wouldn't be doing the travel part of the prize which would mean no one would. I would rather see another deserving person get the trip of a lifetime. 

You can check out all the instant prizes on my Instagram account. I have received all except 2 tank tops. Hopefully they arrive in a few days or so. 

Wishing You Good Luck!